Why should you buy a house in Port Chester? 

Port Chester is a village that straddles the New York/Connecticut border. It’s one of the desirable locations for real estate in Westchester County. So let us tell you why should you buy a house in Port Chester!

We’ll talk about the reasons why you should buy a house in Port Chester in this guide. Port Chester may be one of the best towns in the NYC metro area that commuters can call home. It can be home for you as well. 

Here are a few reasons why Port Chester may be the best place to check out Westchester homes for sale. 

It’s close to New York City 

Port Chester is approximately 33 miles away from New York City. You will be able to access the city by car through Interstate 95. It is also easily accessible by the Metro-North rail system operated by the MTA, located just a little bit over 50 minutes from Grand Central by train. 

You can take advantage of the public transportation system that will open up a wide variety of doors to different destinations. You can get around New York City using the subway after you’ve arrived at Grand Central Terminal via the commuter rail.  

Plus, you have easy access to three major airports in the NYC metro area including LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark. Don’t forget Westchester County Airport, which is also a good alternative for most domestic US destinations. You can even travel to parts of upstate New York, Connecticut, and beyond via Amtrak. 

Plenty of luxury apartments 

If you are looking for luxury apartments in Port Chester, you might want to find one close to public transport. That way, you can save yourself a lot of time driving. This housing type will be a great fit for the young professionals that work in New York City or even the communities in neighboring Connecticut. 

You’ll enjoy plenty of excellent amenities like fitness centers, swimming pools, concierge services, and a lot more. You might enjoy the floor design of your new apartment. Whether it’s a studio or a one-bedroom apartment, you’ll enjoy living in Port Chester and being close to the action in the big city. 

Wide selection of traditional houses 

If you prefer to purchase one of many available single-family houses in Port Chester, there’s bound to be one that fits your needs and preferences. You may need something small because you plan on living alone. Or you may be considering something for more people such as a large outdoor space so children and pets can play. 

You can check out the various architectural styles from the Victorian and Colonial era. Some homes offer excellent views of the Long Island Sound. If you like living by the water, there might be a home that you’ll want to snag up quickly. 

Port Chester has beautiful villas and mansions

If you’re looking to live a luxury lifestyle with a little peace and quiet, you might enjoy living in one of the many villas in Port Chester. These are some of the best living spaces in Westchester County. You’ll also get to enjoy so many different amenities that come with the deal. 

The same goes for mansions in Port Chester as well. You’ll have plenty of space, a large number of bedrooms and bathrooms, sprawling outdoor space, and plenty of amenities. You’d be hard-pressed to find an estate that fits your needs and tastes. 

Even better, you’ll enjoy plenty of on-property amenities such as a security gate, swimming pool, tennis court, and so much more. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you have money to play with and want a place that allows you the luxurious lifestyle, a villa or mansion in Port Chester might be just what you’re looking for. 

It’s a great place for foodies 

If you love food, Port Chester is home to plenty of restaurants. Sure, you can explore a whole lot of them in New York City. But first, you should consider checking out what Port Chester and the nearby areas have to offer. 

If you decide to stay within the Port Chester city limits, you can check out the Tarry Lodge, Sonora, or even Bartaco. Whether you love Mexican, Italian, or Thai – you’ll be in heaven when it comes to the different cultural food options that are available at your fingertips. 

Whatever you crave, Port Chester might have it. Don’t miss out on the opportunities to try out the different restaurants. 

It has a cultural history 

Port Chester is home to the historic Capitol Theater – which hosted several popular musicians including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and others. It’s also got plenty of art galleries and theaters as well. 

If you’re an arts and entertainment kind of person, you’ll find something to enjoy. All it takes is a step outside your door. You might even be a few blocks away from the latest show or art gallery presentation, so don’t miss out. 


Port Chester may be the place you can call home. There are plenty of home options that fit you best. Let us help you find the home that fulfills every need and preference for you. For more information, contact us today at BARNES New York and we’ll help find you the home of your dreams in Port Chester. 

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Why should you buy a house in Mamaroneck?

If you are looking for real estate in Westchester County, you may find it to be a challenge. As such, you might not have an idea of which town to start in. One that we suggest is Mamaroneck. 

The city is located approximately 25 miles north of New York City. It’s got plenty of property options to choose from. This includes luxury apartments, villas, mansions, and single family homes.

If you are looking for a place to call home, Mamaroneck could be calling your name. Let’s talk about why you should buy a house in Mamaroneck.

Westchester has stunning homes

If there is one thing Westchester County may be known for, it’s the amount of stunning homes that it has. They also have plenty of beautiful scenery as well. To take it one step further, the real estate market is one of the most competitive in the country. But the inventory is also low, meaning the few options on the market might go quickly.

Luxury apartments in Mamaroneck 

If you are a young professional that is looking for a home outside of NYC, there may be luxury apartments in Mamaroneck that may fit your needs and preferences. It’s always a good idea to consider living in a place that has plenty of excellent amenities. 

You may live in an apartment complex that has a swimming pool, concierge services, and fitness centers among others. You’ll be able to enjoy all the fixings of a high-end lifestyle without having to live in the big city. You can find condos as well as co-ops in the area, making it easier to accommodate several budget ranges.

You’ll live a luxurious lifestyle, even if it’s on some kind of budget. Mamaroneck has the options for you. 

Houses in Mamaroneck

Traditional single-family homes are something you can find. If you are looking for a single-family home, there are plenty of houses in Mamaroneck to choose from. You may find yourself in a spacious single-family home with plenty of outdoor space.

Or you might be accustomed to living in a small bungalow where you have just enough. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the options Mamaroneck has to offer. So, if you’re considering a more permanent residence, you might explore the opportunity to buy a house in Mamaroneck. There are different houses with different tastes and styles to choose from.

Villas in Mamaroneck 

If you are looking for something that is high-end, villas in Mamaroneck might be exactly what you’re looking for. They include plenty of beautiful gardens and terraces. Not to mention, you’ll also have plenty of outdoor living spaces. 

If you want to live a life of luxury but not deal with the number of rooms a mansion could offer, a villa might be worth settling for. Especially when you don’t want to spend an insane amount of money on a luxury home. Whether it’s further inland or close to Long Island Sound, you may find a place where you can call home. 

Mansions in Mamaroneck 

If you are looking for something much larger, then it may be a good idea to consider a mansion. There are plenty of multi-million dollars mansions in Mamaroneck for you to choose from. With several bathrooms and bedrooms, plus several different amenities – it may be hard to choose which one will satisfy your needs and preferences. 

One thing is for sure, if you have the cash to spend – you may consider a mansion to be something that you can reside in. Especially when it comes to privacy and seclusion. 

What are the benefits of living in Mamaroneck? 

There are several different benefits to taking advantage of living in Mamaroneck. Let’s take a look at what they are: 

Close proximity to New York City 

Mamaroneck is located approximately 25 miles north of New York City. It can be easily accessed by the local MTA commuter rail. The railway will take you to New York’s Grand Central Station where you can access the subway network taking you almost anywhere in the city. 

You may also be able to take the railway to nearby New Rochelle to access the Amtrak train. For those living in Mamaroneck and various cities in Westchester County, you can be able to easily access New York City through the robust transportation network. 

You’ll be close to three major airports in the NYC metro area including LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy, and Newark in New Jersey. The latter two are international flight hubs that will take you almost anywhere in the world.

Plenty of amenities 

If you are looking for a lot of amenities, Mamaroneck has them. You’ll be able to check out the downtown scene where there are plenty of shops and restaurants. You can also visit nearby beaches situated alongside Long Island Sound. 

There’s always something to do in Mamaroneck. You don’t have to go to New York City to find something interesting to see! 


If you want to buy a house in Mamaroneck, there are plenty of options to choose from. You’ll find something based on your needs, affordability, and much more. In this real estate market, you need to act fast before you miss out on a great deal. 

Contact us today at BARNES New York to learn more about your options. 

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Why should you buy an apartment in Greenpoint?

Do you want to buy an apartment in Greenpoint? If you are looking for a fun, hip, modern area of Brooklyn to live in, you would be wise to invest your time, energy, and interest in Greenpoint. Over the last few years, Greenpoint has risen through the ranks of Brooklyn neighborhoods and has become one of the hottest parts of town.

It has surely garnered a lot of attention, from people in other parts of New York City and well beyond. But with all of that attention also comes a higher price point because more and more people are circling Greenpoint and attempting to live there. That drives the price of living up and makes it hard to find a place to call your own in this trendy part of town.

If you are thinking about buying a place in Greenpoint, you should keep a few things in mind. You should be well aware of how much money you will be spending, what you will be able to do in Greenpoint, and the sort of fun events and locations that you can visit when you are staying in the region. There are in fact many reasons why you should buy an apartment in Greenpoint. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant culture, the trendy atmosphere, or the proximity to various amenities, buying an apartment in Greenpoint could be a rewarding investment. Let’s go over them and give you a good idea of what a life in this part of town will be like.

How much does it cost to live in Greenpoint?

One of the things to keep in mind about Greenpoint is that there are many different places for you to live. This part of Brooklyn has plenty of apartments, townhouses, penthouses, and so much more. That gives you a lot of options – but each of them come with particular price points.

The truth is that Greenpoint has become much more expensive over the last several years. As the popularity of this region has grown, the price has also gone up. During Q4 2023, the median price that people paid to buy a residence in Greenpoint was around $1,230,000 million, with an average sold price per square feet of $1,200*. If you’re considering a more long-term investment in the area, it might thus be worthwhile to explore the option to buy an apartment in Greenpoint.

*Data from OLR

It is clear that the price of living in Greenpoint is only growing higher and higher. But it’s important to always remember that you are getting a lot of great locations, events, and businesses in that area. What are some of the things that you should keep in mind when you look into living in this part of Brooklyn?

Why buy an apartment in Greenpoint? 

Some estimates have said that Greenpoint is the third-most expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn currently.

But there are reasons why people are spending so much money to plant their flags in Greenpoint. There is quite a lot to do in this part of town and you are never short of entertaining adventures, restaurants, cafes, and shops to visit and enjoy. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the great places that you will frequent if you buy an apartment in Greenpoint. 


When you look for some of the best restaurants in Greenpoint, you will find long and always-expanding blogs about top of the line eateries that will keep you and your friends and family happy for years.  

No matter what you’re looking to eat, Greenpoint has you covered. If you’re looking for fine Italian treats, Archestratus is perfect. If you’re instead wanting a restaurant that tastes great and looks incredible too, Oxomoco is ideal. From Vietnamese Di An Di to old-fashioned pizza at Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop, there is something for everyone in Greenpoint.  

While some of the restaurants and dining experiences might cost you a pretty penny or two, many others are completely affordable and won’t break the bank. There are options for everyone and every price points.


Greenpoint has become one of the hottest and trendiest shopping districts in all of Brooklyn and the greater New York area. 

From bakeries to coffee shops to clothing businesses, Greenpoint has a slew of great options for you, no matter how much you are looking to spend or what you are trying to buy. The sheer versatility of this part of town is just one of the many reasons why people are willing to move to this unique part of Brooklyn. Greenpoint is a very hip part of town and the shopping experiences around here echo that. They are also both very modern and very cool while at times being very favorable on your pocket book too.  


One of the best things about Greenpoint is that it’s very trendy but also feels old-fashioned. You can see some classic architecture on every corner, as well as some vintage New York style parks too. There are also locations where you can see great live shows and enjoy events that get local residents involved. The culture of this part of town feels vibrant, charming, and authentic at the same time.  


It’s obvious why so many people are flocking to live in Greenpoint, which is now one of the coolest and most trend-setting parts of Brooklyn. It says a lot when a region in Brookly is so sought-after since that entire borough is one of the greatest in the city. Greenpoint has some of the best of the best that Brooklyn and New York has to offer, with a high-demand that sometimes makes it hard to find a place to live. If you are serious about moving to this part of town, you should contact us at BARNES New York today. Not only will we find a home that is right for you, we will make the entire process easy! 

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Why should you buy an apartment in Long Island City?

You can’t find a better place to buy an apartment in Long Island City and get a view of Manhattan than living in an apartment in Long Island City. Finding an apartment for sale in Long Island City can give you access to amazing stores, dining, museums, and outdoor features. You’ll never run out of things to do when you live in this area.

When you live in Long Island City, you’ll get the best of the suburbs and the best of big-city fun. This is an excellent place to live in a quiet environment without losing access to enjoyable activities. In addition, there are plenty of work opportunities in and around Long Island City and easy access to Manhattan. 

However, you shouldn’t jump into a Long Island City apartment without learning the basics of this area. Moving is a big deal no matter where you go, and things like the cost of living, atmosphere, and neighborhood can have a huge impact on your lifestyle. Please continue reading to learn the biggest reasons you should get an apartment in Long Island City. 

How much does it cost to live in Long Island City? 

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to move anywhere in New York State is the cost of living. Living on the outskirts of New York City in Long Island City can be an expensive experience compared to other places in the United States, but is a good alternative to living in Manhattan with much higher living cost. However, prices are decreasing in this local apartment and housing market. With this price decrease, there’s no time like the present to make your move to Long Island City. According to OLR*, Median Sales Price in November 2023 were $1,098,000, a 29.75% increase from last year.

*On-Line Residential

When looking to buy an apartment in Long Island City, there are many options. For example, you can choose an apartment that accommodates a family or an individual. People looking for an excellent view should choose an option that’s high up, while others might prefer a ground-floor Long Island City apartment or townhouse.

Why buy in Long Island City? 

Long Island City is a popular spot to live in for several reasons. Whether you buy a condo or a co-op in Long Island City, you can do things to accommodate your choices. In addition, choosing a versatile place to live is a great option for many people. You can enjoy everything from going out in the evening to enjoying a quiet night while living here. You’ll have an easy time getting around the city and going wherever you please, with easy access to many subway lines straight to Manhattan in 10 or 15 minutes. 


One of the best parts of moving to a big city is having endless access to all types of food. You can enjoy everything from delicious ramen shops to authentic Mexican cuisine when you live in Long Island City. If you don’t feel like leaving the house, there are endless options for food delivery that you and your family can enjoy. Enhance your daily dining experiences by moving to Long Island City as soon as possible. 


Shopping is a fun activity for multiple people. Whether you consider it a guilty pleasure or a hobby, there are plenty of shopping options when you have Long Island City real estate. You can spend your morning shopping at the farmers market or spend your evening satisfying your inner fashion icon at one of the many boutiques. Are you looking for a leisurely day at the bookstore? There are plenty of options in Long Island City. 

Museums and Culture 

Satisfy the part of yourself that appreciates art by visiting one of the many art museums in Long Island City. The most popular one is the MoMA PS1, where you can enjoy several examples of contemporary art. If you’re more into 3D art, consider visiting The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City to see the best sculptures made by Isamu Noguchi. This sculpture garden is sure to pique your interest. 

Long Island City features a culture of learning for everyone. Visiting these museums is a great way to connect with others and broaden your horizons. Plus, it’s a fun way to kill an afternoon. There are plenty of various cultures in this area, so you’ll fit in comfortably, no matter your lifestyle. 

Enjoy the Outdoors 

The biggest reason people like moving to Long Island City is that you can get a touch of the big city lifestyle while enjoying the outdoors. Getting enough fresh air daily is important for your mental and physical health. Fortunately, you can get this fresh air by visiting Old Westbury Gardens or Planting Fields Arboretum. 

There are several things you can do during your day out. Walking around these gardens will help you relax and get in touch with nature from the comfort of the city. 


So, after reading this information living in Long Island City can feel like a dream. Thankfully, you can turn this dream into a reality by searching for an apartment in the area. Our team at BARNES New York would love to help you with this experience. Our real estate agents understand the complexities of the market and can help you find the best deal to buy an apartment in Long Island City that suits your needs. We can also assist you with negotiating great deals for housing and apartments, depending on what you’re looking for. Contact us today to get started.

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Why should you buy a house in Southampton?

Why should you buy a house in Southampton? Imagine waking up in the morning and being less than a ten minute walk away from some of the most stunning beaches in all of the east coast of the United States? You don’t have to call a ride or hop in your car to get to the amazing coast. Instead, you can simply wander down the street and be there in no time at all. 

That is a reality for the people who live in Southampton, New York. Long known as one of the most incredible beachfront communities in America, Southampton is a sight to behold. It’s a mix of amazing businesses, stunning restaurants, incredible houses, and beaches that will give you endlessly sensational summer days. If your dream is to buy a house in Southampton, you’re in the right place.

Moving to Southampton is what you might be looking for. There is a lot that you need to know about the real estate market in this part of the country. You need to be aware of what you are getting yourself into when you are moving to Southampton. But you should also be excited because this region offers you things that simply aren’t available in other parts of the country.  

Let’s take a deep dive on what is provided for you when you move to Southampton. Moving can be tiring and expensive, so you want to be sure you’re getting a lot of that investment, right? The good news is that you are. 

How much does it cost to live in Southampton?  

The price of living in Southampton, New York is almost always very high no matter what sort of residence you are looking to buy or rent.  

According to the Town & Country Real Estate Market Report, the median sales price in the Hamptons as of Q3 2023 was $1,812,500, a 12.23% increase from last year. These are typically the luxury mansions in Southampton. Houses for sale in Southampton can be cheaper than that, however, with some selling at just under a million dollars. 

There are also lots of land that are available for purchase in Southampton. These typically cost close to half-a-million dollars but you will also have to spend for the construction of your house. 

Why buy a house in Southampton? 

As you can see, buying or renting in Southampton is going to cost you a lot of money. Even the most inexpensive locations in this area are going to be far more than many other parts of the country.  

But it is important to always remember that you are going to get a lot of great value for your investment in Southampton. Not only will you be getting a house or condo or luxury mansion that is top of the line, but you will also have access to amazing beaches, terrific businesses, and a bunch of local events that make Southampton special. What is it about this part of the country that keeps people coming back, aside from the high-end, expansive homes? 


As you may have expected, there are a lot of fine dining choices for you when you are living in Southampton. In fact, you can find a number of great high-end eateries that will offer great quality and ingredients.  

One of the most expensive and popular restaurants in Southampton is Plaza Cafe, known for its delectable tastes and wonderful plate presentations. Main Prospect is yet another fancy eatery that is known for its great taste as well as its wonderful flourishes on the plate. Cowfish, as well, is included in that group. 

But there are other restaurants in the area that are much more affordable while still amazing. 75 Main, Le Charlot, and Bamboo Restaurant and Sushi Bar are just a few of them.


Southampton isn’t just a sleepy beach town. Instead, there are many things you can do in this city that you can’t do just anywhere. The Southampton Mela, Pride and Let’s Rock are a few of the events that are exclusive to the city and show its strong personality and culture. 

There are also a few art galleries and museums in the area that show off the rich history of the region. The Solent Sky Museum, SeaCity Museum, and Tudor House and Garden are just some of the locations that will provide hours of entertainment and education too. 


Of course, many people come to Southampton not for the museums or the food but for the stunning beaches. Sure enough, there are multiple unique seaside spots in this city that will take your breath away. The Road D Beach is just one of them, along with Southampton Beach, Coopers Beach, Cryder Beach, and more.  

You will never be lacking a place to watch the tides come in and out with Southampton. It is true that some of these locations will get pretty crowded in the summer but you can almost always find a place that is comfortable. There are few better ways to end the day than watching the sun go down while sitting in the sand at a Southampton beach.  


Southampton, New York is one of the most gorgeous, stunning locations on the east coast. However, it is also one of the most expensive. If you are comfortable spending the money for your next luxury home, you will be able to find something that is right up your alley. If you want to make the move and buy a house in Southampton, you should contact our expert team of realtors at BARNES New York. We know Southampton inside and out and we also know what you should be aware of when you are trying to find a luxury home that you can call your own.  

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Why should you buy an apartment in Chelsea?

If you’ve been looking for a top-notch spot to buy an apartment in New York City, Chelsea is an undeniably excellent choice. This trendy and unique neighborhood is well-known for its stunning art galleries, high-end fashion boutiques, rich culture, and delectable dining options. For these reasons (among others), Chelsea is one of the most sought-after locations for people looking to buy an apartment in Manhattan

Whether you’re in the market for a condo or co-op, BARNES New York is here to assist you. Listed below are some of the most compelling reasons why you should consider buying an apartment in Chelsea. It truly is a beautiful neighborhood, and we can guarantee that you won’t regret making the choice to live there! 

What are the benefits of buying an apartment in Chelsea? 

Chelsea is one of the most diverse and exciting neighborhoods in New York City. That much is plain to see! Its thriving art scene and trendy restaurants are just a couple of the reasons why Chelsea attracts people from all walks of life. What makes Chelsea an optimal location for people looking to buy an apartment, you might ask? Check out some of the main benefits of living in Chelsea below. 

Excellent Location  

One of the most notable advantages of buying an apartment in Chelsea is that it’s located in a prime area of the city. Situated on Manhattan’s west side, Chelsea is super close to some of New York City’s most famous landmarks, including the Chelsea Market and the High Line. This particular neighborhood is also well-connected to public transportation, so you’ll have no trouble getting around the city if you reside in this area. 

Vibrant Culture  

Chelsea is home to some of the most extravagant art galleries in the world, including the Gagosian and David Zwirner galleries — so if you’re an art fanatic, this neighborhood would be absolutely perfect for you. Chelsea’s galleries attract art lovers from all over, making this part of the city an absolute hub of creativity and culture. This neighborhood also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene. It boasts numerous bars, clubs, and music venues to suit all tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Luxury Amenities 

If you’re looking to live in a luxury apartment, Chelsea has plenty of great options to choose from. Chelsea’s apartments offer a blend of old-world charm and modern amenities in beautifully restored pre-war buildings and new developments. These residences often include fitness centers and scenic rooftop terraces, ideal for luxurious living.

Tight-Knit Community 

Chelsea has a strong sense of community, and its residents will often come together for special events and activities. From community gardens to neighborhood cleanups, there are plenty of opportunities for Chelsea residents to get involved and give back. Additionally, many of the co-ops in Chelsea have active boards that foster a sense of community. This ensures well-maintained co-op buildings for those seeking to reside here.

Fabulous Restaurants 

Chelsea is especially known for its diverse culinary scene. Fine dining restaurants in Chelsea — such as Zou Zou’s and the Sea Fire Grill, are known for their elegant ambiance, impeccable service, and sophisticated cuisine. These restaurants use top-quality, often locally sourced ingredients to craft unforgettable, innovative dishes with exquisite flavors and textures.

Excellent Shopping 

Chelsea is an absolute haven for shoppers. The primary Chelsea shopping district, around Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, hosts flagship stores for numerous luxury brands. Chelsea Market, a historic indoor market, offers a unique shopping experience with artisanal food stalls and craft shops.

It’s a Great Investment 

Buying an apartment in Chelsea is also quite a smart investment. The neighborhood has seen significant growth and development over the past few years, and many new luxury apartments have been built recently. It’s also worth mentioning that many apartments in Chelsea appreciate in value at an exceptionally quick rate, which means investing in an apartment here could potentially be quite lucrative. The median sales price in October 2023 was $1,663,450 and the price per square foot was about $1,966.*

*Data from UrbanDigs.

Should you buy a Condo or a Co-op in Chelsea? 

There are several key distinctions to bear in mind when purchasing a co-op or condo in Chelsea. The great thing about buying a condo is you’ll have greater control over your apartment and personal living area. You also won’t have to go through the co-op board approval process in order to make repairs and upgrade your apartment. 

That said, if you’d like to own a co-op in Chelsea, there are some definite advantages, such as a lower cost of living. In comparison to condos, co-ops sometimes have stricter rules and restrictions, but this tends to help maintain a greater degree of quality within the building, so it’s definitely worth it. 


Chelsea offers a unique and attractive lifestyle that’s hard to find anywhere else in New York City. If you’re looking for a place to call home that offers both urban convenience and a strong sense of community, then Chelsea might just be the perfect neighborhood for you. Take your family to an art gallery or check out some of the shops at Chelsea Market, and see for yourself! If you’d like assistance acquiring an apartment in Chelsea, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to BARNES New York. Contact us today for more information! Our team of real estate experts will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. 

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Why should you buy an apartment in Brooklyn Heights?

Of all the locations in New York City, few areas have as much culture, entertainment, and opportunities as Brooklyn Heights. Once a location that few people really paid attention to, Brooklyn Heights has blossomed a lot over the years and is now one of the most beloved and popular parts of town.  

It is close to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and is filled with wonderful businesses, restaurants, parks, and many other features that make it an ideal place to live in.  

People who haven’t lived in Brooklyn Heights before may not be sure what it is that makes this part of town so enticing and exciting. They might also not know what to look for in terms of price, location, and companies that they want to live next door to.  

The truth is that there’s a lot to know – and be excited for – when it comes to Brooklyn Heights. There are many reasons why so many people are eager to move from all over the country to this unique and special part of New York. Let’s take a deeper look at what Brooklyn Heights has to offer you and your future. 

How much does it cost to live in Brooklyn Heights?

If you want to buy an apartment in Brooklyn Heights, there are many things to keep in mind. That is also true if you want to buy a condo in Brooklyn Heights or buy a co-op in Brooklyn Heights. Obviously, the biggest and most pressing things that people focus on is the price of living there. 

Brooklyn Heights, which was one of the first neighborhoods that people experience when passing over the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan, is a very popular option. Its location near the East River provides gorgeous views for residents and also pretty high price point too.  

The cost of living in Brooklyn Heights varies but the median sales price as of October 2023 is about $1.3 million with a price per square feet an average of $1,508 per sq.ft., while the median rent for tenants is typically about $6,150*. It is important to note, however, that some prices are much, much higher than that depending on the type of property.

*Data from OLR

Why buy an apartment in Brooklyn Heights? 

There are so many reasons to have interest in living in Brooklyn Heights that finding just a few to highlight can be very difficult. The truth is that this part of New York City has a plethora of options for anyone looking for the best in food, entertainment, and culture as well. 

One of the best things about Brooklyn Heights is that it’s just a single subway or ferry stop away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Manhattan. In fact, most commuters have noted that it takes no more than 30 minutes to get from Brooklyn Heights to the heart of the city. At the same time, it is very quiet and often feels like a million miles away from such a busy part of town. That duality of proximity to the city with its quiet neighborhoods makes Brooklyn Heights enticing and well worth the commute for plenty of people.  


Brooklyn Heights has made a name for itself as one of the premiere locations when it comes to food in the Big Apple. Whether you are looking for a fancy dinner or a quiet night out with friends or family, Brooklyn Heights has you covered.  

Vineapple Cafe is a bright and colorful restaurant where you can enjoy delicious soups and sandwiches for dinner or lunch. Dellarocca’s is perfect for those hankering for brick over pizza while Colonie is a high-end New American eatery that will create memories and happy tummies.  

Other restaurants offer a variety of French, Italian, and American meals. And don’t forget the plethora of both high-end and affordable coffee shops that will provide you with yummy drinks, great atmosphere, and a great place to make company.  


It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to buy, you can find it in Brooklyn Heights. Montague Street, for example, has a slew of great and memorable shops that you can spend hours in. But there are countless other places you can spend your money, from the well-known to the more unique and under the radar.  

Fulton Mall, which is technically part of Brooklyn, is one of the hot spots in the area that provides a bunch of places for you to look and spend. It is multiple blocks of businesses that feature brands such as Express, American Eagle, Banana Republic, The Gap, and others. TJ Maxx and Nordstroms Rack have also planted their flags in this part of town.  

Many tourists and city residents spend all day in Brooklyn Heights window shopping or spending cash in the finest boutiques and stores.  


From Brooklyn Bridge Park to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Cadman Plaza Park, and more, there are plenty of lively locations throughout this part of town that have plenty to offer. You will find plenty of parks, clubs, and other places where you can meet new people, make friends, and create a small community of your own.  


Living in Brooklyn Heights can be a very rewarding and exciting move for you to make when you are making your home in New York. There is just so much to do and see that you’ll never run out of fun times to be had. If you really want to buy an apartment in Brooklyn Heights, you should contact our experts at BARNES New York. For years now, we have learned everything there is to know about Brooklyn Heights and all of New York. We will walk you through the entire process and help you find a house that truly feels like a home. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an apartment, condo, penthouse, or townhouse in Brooklyn Heights, it is vital that you contact us today! 

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How can BARNES New York help you in your real estate journey?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of real estate brokers in Manhattan alone. When looking at the entire state of New York, there are endless real estate broker choices. When investing in a new home, ensure you choose the right real estate broker for you.

That’s why BARNES New York can help you. BARNES offers expert brokers throughout New York to help you find your dream home.

This guide details why BARNES is one of New York’s top real estate broker. 

Where can BARNES New York help me find a property? 

BARNES can help people find property all over the state of New York. While Manhattan is a main focus because it has the most amount of buyers, there are several other places around the state where BARNES can show you some amazing properties.

Here are the main focus areas: 

  • Manhattan. Let BARNES help you find your new home or apartment in TriBeCa, Lower Manhattan, Midtown, Union Square, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Chinatown, The Lower East Side, and many other places! Just let us know the type of property you’re looking for and your budget.  
  • Brooklyn. Brooklyn is more than just Brooklyn’s downtown itself. You can also find some great apartments and homes in Williamsburg, Dumbo, Brooklyn, Heights, Park Slope, and several other places depending on what amenities you want to be close to.  
  • Queens. Queens is a great place in the state for those who want to be a little outside the city while staying a short distance from Manhattan. You can get a great place in Long Island City, Astoria, or Sunnyside.  
  • The Hamptons. While many people just have their summer home in the Hamptons, there are also other people that are looking to live here full-time. No matter what’s bringing you to the Hamptons, BARNES can help you find great real estate in the area.   
  • Westchester. If you’re looking for a little bit of a less stressful life, Westchester is the area for you. There are many cities in this area that are quickly growing, which means you can find many of the same amenities that you would in New York City while enjoying more space.
  • Connecticut. Connecticut, often referred to as the “Constitution State,” is a small, picturesque state in the northeastern suburbs of New York City, known for its rich history and scenic New England landscapes, offers a quiet and green environment to get away from urban living.

While we cover a wide range, our experts specialize in specific areas, ensuring you work with a knowledgeable professional in your desired location.  

Where should I buy a property with BARNES New York? 

BARNES New York is always working in the strongest real estate markets in the state. With a strong team of experts, we help our clients find the best places for sale in the market.  

Working all over the state, BARNES New York is able to help you buy or rent property virtually anywhere you want.  

If you aren’t sure where you want to live, you can let us know what kind of environment you are searching for and we can advise you on an area we think is best for your needs.

If you want something new that no one else knows about, BARNES is always ahead of the game knowing where all the new developments are located.  

What if I’m looking for something other than an apartment or home? 

Some luxury real estate companies only focus on apartments or homes. While this works fine for some clients and brokers, there are many people all over New York that are searching for more than just a home or apartment.  

This is where BARNES comes in!  

If you’re searching for a huge investment like a castle property in the countryside, BARNES specializes in selling famous chateaus all over the world.

Get ready to step back in time and find one of these historical and luxury castle properties. You’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale. Most of the castle properties are in the French regions. So, although you’re getting out of the state of New York, BARNES can still help their clients find properties all over the world.  

Here are some of the other great things BARNES real estate brokers and salespersons can help you find both in New York and all over the world: 

  • Vineyards. BARNES real estate brokers are experts in both finance and wine when it comes to finding you the perfect vineyard. Their portfolio for the wine industry is extensive. Even if you are in the wine industry, BARNES can help you find the perfect place to begin your business.  
  • Yachting. Some people just use yachts for their vacation time, but there are others that enjoy living on their yachts full-time. BARNES has over 30 years of experience finding people yachts as well as helping you get space to service and keep your yacht all over the world.  
  • Art Advisory. Art advisory is a professional service that assists clients in buying, managing, and appreciating art. It includes art acquisition, market research, collection management, diversification, investment advice, negotiation, auction representation, market insights, curatorial services, and appraisals/authentication. Art advisors help clients navigate the art world and make informed decisions.
  • Business Jets. BARNES helps you fly to any destination on a private jet for your convenience, whenever and wherever you want!

Can BARNES New York help me manage my property?

Yes. Our specific property management department, BARNES International Management (BIM), can help you with real estate assets and property management. We offer quality property management and on demand services to all owners and investors owning a property as secondary home or residential investment in the New York and Miami area, with on site, trusted contact.

What if I want to sell or rent?

BARNES does not just focus on helping people who buy properties. We can also help those that are more interested in selling or renting. Not everyone wants to buy property in New York, so many of our experts just focus on renting to those that are looking to only stay in the state for a short while and who want to test out a few neighborhoods before settling down.

Buying is a big commitment, so if you prefer renting to test the neighborhood’s suitability for long-term living, we will gladly assist you.

Why should I choose BARNES New York to sell my property?

If you want to sell your beloved home or property, you will need to find a great listing broker. Look no further than BARNES. New York has tons of brokers to choose from when it comes to putting your home on the market. You should ensure a broker understands your home’s value to secure the deserved selling price. 

BARNES excels as New York’s top real estate broker by providing meticulous care to any sale properties.

BARNES New York can help ensure you get an amazing sales associate to make the selling plan unique to your property. With this custom approach, you will find that your property gets countless interested buyers willing to give you the price you are asking for.  

Our real estate salespersons have a personalized approach to selling that includes: 

  • Exposure to Multiple Listing Services so that everyone gets a detailed description of the property 
  • Folder for presenting the property to the interested audience members  
  • All properties are featured on the BARNES international website and therefore also get exposure in places like the New York Times and Trulia 
  • Publication in the BARNES Magazine, distributed internationally in more than 180,000 copies
  • Property featured in the BARNES newsletters which has more than 50,000 readers and in dedicated local databases

With these personalized approaches, BARNES New York will help you sell your property with care and trust.

Can BARNES New York help me find new developments?  

If you are undergoing an acquisition project in a new development, you will need to find a broker to help you with your primary residence, secondary residence, or rental investments in a new development.

Finding the best developers can be challenging, but BARNES New York has access to top developers, ensuring you’re in good hands.

Hiring a broker is especially important for the developing process because they are better able to negotiate for you. They can get the best purchase price and carrying costs for you.  

Finding a brand-new apartment in a new development building in New York has many different benefits. Hiring a broker can maximize your profits with their deep knowledge of New York’s real estate markets.

Here are some of the benefits BARNES can offer you when searching for new developments in New York:

  • Finding you the best rental potential and opportunities for resell  
  • Best materials and the best chances for energy efficiency so your utility bills are on the low side  
  • Discounts from the purchase price as well as negotiation from the purchase price, carrying costs, and transaction fees  


It is hard to find the top real estate broker in New York. Whether renting, selling, or buying, BARNES associates and brokers have the expertise you need!

But we also offer more than just homes and apartments. We offer a wide panel of investment properties, vineyards, and castle properties, as well as yachting and art advisory services.

Contact us today for a consultation. We would be happy to find you the best home or apartment. Let us help you today! 

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Why should you buy an apartment in Astoria?

If you are looking for a place to call home in New York City, there may be one neighborhood to consider. Astoria is a neighborhood located in Queens. What makes it so popular is that it has a blend of city life and small town charm. 

If you are looking for houses for sale in Queens, the Astoria real estate market may have something in store for you. After all, you’re in one of the most culturally diverse boroughs in the entire city. You might even find yourself spending more time here than in Manhattan or any of the other boroughs. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should buy an apartment in Astoria right now. 

It’s close to Manhattan 

If you work in Manhattan, you’re going to enjoy a short commute. Thus, it would make a ton of sense to live in Astoria. You’ll be close to several major highways and subway stations. 

With a robust transportation system, you can easily get around any corner of the city. You don’t have to have a car to get around. You’ll be surprised how much ground you can cover just by being in New York City alone. 

Buses and subways are any New Yorker’s best friend. It might be yours even if you move to Astoria.  

There are plenty of housing options 

If you are looking for housing options, Astoria has quite a few. You can buy a condo in Astoria if you are looking for something that is a bit upscale and something you can call your own. 

Otherwise, consider the idea to buy a co-op in Astoria. A co-op is similar to condos. The only difference is that you own shares in the company that owns the entire building. You need to follow the rules and regulations set by the co-op board. You’ll find a home that will fit your critical needs and preferences. Whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment or a single-family home, you can find something in Astoria that will match your affordability. 

One thing to keep in mind is the home prices. The home value in Queens is around $620,000 as of October 2023.* 

*Data issued from OLR

You are closer to air travel than ever 

Queens is the home base for LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airport. If you are looking to hop on a domestic flight, LaGuardia has plenty of them (as does JFK). However, if you are a bit of the world traveler type, Kennedy is the go-to option.

You might even consider traveling to Newark if you think you can get a good deal on flights departing from there. Otherwise, you won’t be far from a jet that you can take off in. From your front door, you can go just about anywhere in Astoria. 


Astoria may be one of the most popular neighborhoods in Queens and for good reason. With its close proximity to Manhattan and diverse culture, you’d be hard-pressed to find a neighborhood that you can be proud to live in. 

Do you want to buy an apartment in Astoria? It’s easy – just contact a real estate agent who can be able to help. Contact us today and we’ll be able to find you a place that you can call home for years to come. 

Don’t miss your chance to live in one of the best neighborhoods in New York City.  

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Why should you buy a house in New Rochelle? 

New Rochelle is a city located in Westchester County, New York. Its nickname is the ‘Queen City of Sound’, which gives homage to the vibrant and diverse community. It offers plenty of green spaces and all kinds of housing options.

This includes luxury apartments, villas, mansions, and so much more. If you are looking for a place to call home, New Rochelle could be what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should buy a house in New Rochelle.

Close proximity to New York City 

New Rochelle is situated 16 miles north of New York City, meaning that it is close to all kinds of cultural and economic opportunities. It offers a relaxed suburban lifestyle. 

If you are someone that loves the balance of hustle-bustle and peace-quiet, then you might be impressed with New Rochelle. Its rich history, local events, and festivals that go on throughout the year are also worth checking out.

Proving that you don’t always have to go to New York City to find something to do. You might find it just outside your front door in New Rochelle. Plus, if you’re looking to buy a house in New Rochelle, you’re in the right place.

Property values have appreciated in recent years 

If you are purchasing a property such as one of the many houses in New Rochelle, there’s good news. The property values here have appreciated in recent years. Thus, it would make for a great long-term investment. 

Westchester County as a whole has one of the highest median household incomes in the nation. Furthermore, it has a strong job market and plenty of excellent educational opportunities. The current median home value in September 2023 in New Rochelle is $675,000, which shows a 12% increase from last year.

Plenty of luxury apartments 

New Rochelle has seen a surge in new developments recently. This includes a large number of high-end apartment buildings and condos. Many of them boast excellent views of Long Island Sound and easy access to many of New Rochelle’s amenities.

Let’s not forget, you may also be within a short distance of public transit, including transportation options that can take you straight to New York City, other towns in Westchester County, and beyond. If you are a young professional looking for a place, luxury apartments in New Rochelle may be the best option.

Numerous houses

As such, there are plenty of options for those who prefer houses in New Rochelle. These include historic homes and modern new builds. The older homes in the city are either Colonial-style or Victorian.

These are charming homes with wrap-around porches, fireplaces, and stained glass windows. There are other homes with larger lots that will allow for much larger green space. The house you want may depend on the critical needs and preferences you may have.

One house may be suitable for one individual while another may be fitting for homeowners with families. There’s always something for almost everyone when it comes to houses. 

It has villas and mansions as well 

If you are looking for something a bit more high end, it’s possible to find an option among the many villas in New Rochelle. These properties include plenty of amenities including private pools, large gardens, and numerous bedrooms and bathrooms. 

The same can be said about the mansions in New Rochelle. You can find one in an exclusive neighborhood and get the best in seclusion and privacy. Whatever fulfills your personal needs and preferences, a villa or even a mansion may be something you’re looking for. 

You might find that luxury living might be right up your alley. There are plenty of options for you including the amenities that will fulfill all your preferred needs and wants. Don’t miss out on those opportunities. 

It’s got all kinds of transportation options

As mentioned, New Rochelle is one of the cities where you can easily access NYC and other areas. Metro-North Railroad and Amtrak are two rail transportation networks that run through New Rochelle.

Aside from NYC, you can also use the rail system to get to places within Westchester County and in neighboring Connecticut. Wherever you need to go, you can easily get there via New Rochelle. 

It should be noted that you’ll also be able to easily access the three major airports in the NYC metro area. All three airports (LaGuardia, Kennedy, and Newark) will offer domestic flights. However, if you are planning on traveling internationally, Kennedy and Newark are your options. 

Interstate 95 runs through New Rochelle. If you need to travel on a major highway, you will be able to easily hop on and get to where you need to go. With a robust transportation system, you can get to almost anywhere via New Rochelle. 


New Rochelle may be one of the best cities in Westchester County to call home. You’d be hard-pressed to find the home of your dreams anywhere else. With so many options to fit your budget, you’re bound to find something. 

Don’t miss out. Contact us today and discover what this vibrant city has to offer, whether you’re looking to buy a house in New Rochelle or explore other housing options. 

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