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Since 2009, BARNES New York has been assisting each of its clients during their acquisition project, whether it is for a primary residence, a secondary residence, or a rental investment. From the initial offering to the signing of the deed, our consultants will advise and guide you, so that your purchase is nothing short of a success. In the new development arena, you can benefit from BARNES’ privileged access to developers, and therefore take advantage of our negotiation skills on the purchase price and carrying costs, as well as an optimal coordination in terms of contract agreements and delivery. Our personalized support includes the analysis of your project and tailored commercial proposals, thanks to a perfect knowledge of the New York real estate market, in a multi-program and multi-neighborhood perspective, keeping in mind the necessary combination of rental profitability and appreciation over time.


  • Generally-speaking, and which is also valid for all new developments, you will benefit from a stronger attractiveness in terms of rental potential and/or resale. In a city with multiple older buildings, both in terms of exteriors and interiors, it is even more relevant to invest in a new building, already up-to-date, some even ahead of design trends;
  • As construction standards are constantly evolving, you will also benefit from the best materials, allowing optimal energy efficiency, and therefore substantial savings;
  • Moreover, a new product ensures almost no renovation costs in the first years, both for the apartment itself (personal expenses), but also the building and its necessary recurring renovations (common charges);
  • In the case of very early acquisitions, as the offering plan is being released, you will automatically benefit from a freeze on the purchase price, in a local context where the general appreciation of the real estate market is historically solid. In other words, you are purchasing tomorrow at today’s price;
  • Finally, depending on the project, you will profit from considerable discounts on the purchase price, transaction fees, and carrying costs. BARNES’ bargaining power is critical in this situation: property tax abatement over 15-20-25 years (421-A), absorption of common charges over 1-5-10 years (“live free”), cancellation of transfer taxes upon acquisition, …

A global expertise for a local support

Our local expertise is coupled with, and increased beyond New York, thanks to our global BARNES New Developments Department, which offers a selection of high-end construction programs located in various cities all around the world. A team of specialists has developed specific knowledge for these new residences that meet BARNES’ specific requirements: high architectural quality, prime locations, high-end equipment and amenities. The promoters’ know-how, their financial capacities, as well as the quality of their achievements are analyzed to meet the demanding criteria of the “Maison BARNES.”

Thanks to its expertise, network, and attention to detail, BARNES will help you take advantage of the best of New York’s real estate market opportunities in the new development sphere, and therefore optimize your investments in the short, medium, and long terms.

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