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Who are the best real estate agents in New York?  

New York City is bustling with opportunities for the buying and selling of property. It can be overwhelming to navigate the market, and finding the right real estate broker for you may prove to be a challenging task. Buyers want to ensure they are receiving top-quality service from their real estate agent and getting the […]

In the Media – Interview of Yann Rousseau in MySweetImmo

Want to know more about the New York real estate market ? Read this article or listen to the podcast by MySweetImmo. In this article/podcast in French, Yann Rousseau, managing partner of BARNES New York, gives his insights on the state of the market as well as the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city and […]

BARNES Global Property Handbook 2023

Despite the global economic instability and the return of inflation, luxury real estate has once again proved itself as the ultimate safe haven investment against uncertainty. The BARNES Global Property Handbook, published once a year, gives an insight on the global real estate markets and the most sought-after destinations. This year, the Top 5 of […]

In the Media – Hell’s Kitchen by LePetitJournal

Want to know more about the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen ? Read this article by LePetitJournal, presenting the history of Hell’s Kitchen as well as its most famous residents. This vibrant neighborhood is full of trendy restaurants, coffee shops, stores and clubs which are all presented in this article. Finally, you will find a sum-up […]

“Invest in New York” conferences in France

On January 24 & 26, BARNES New York was pleased to host conferences in France on real estate investment in New York, followed by a cocktail. These conferences “Invest in New York” in Paris and Lyon were a great success. Yann Rousseau, Managing Partner of BARNES New York, Westchester & Connecticut, and Adrien Gouirand, BARNES […]

In the Media – The fall of Wall Street is causing a wait-and-see attitude in New York

What impact did the fall of Wall Street have on the real estate market ? This question is answered in a recent article by Les Echos. Véronique Le Billon is presenting the challenges faced by the New York real estate market in regard to the financial turbulences which are causing a rise of the interest […]

How to buy a brand new apartment in Manhattan?

To buy a brand new apartment in Manhattan can be an exciting but scary experience. As the cost of housing prices rise, finding a new apartment for the best possible price can be time-consuming. Luckily, knowing about an ideal budget, location, and process can make the experience easy and stress-free.  What is your budget?  How […]

What is the real estate market like in Westchester? 

The Westchester County Real Estate Market has been in high demand lately, in large part, due to the global pandemic. As a result, more than ever, people are leaving New York City and traveling north, trying to find property in less crowded and more spacious areas while still remaining a train ride away from all […]

What are the advantages of buying in a new real estate development in New York? 

New York City is always bustling with people who have places to go and goals to achieve. It’s a beautiful city for real estate investment, as it perpetually attracts tenants looking to rent a home for vacation, for a semester of school, or for the long term.   In addition, NYC is an amazing place to […]

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