What should you know about luxury real estate in New York?

By Annie Newman New York City is one of the most unique places in the world. The bustling economy, the award winning theatres, the big city lights and skyline, the top rated fashion industry and the luxury real estate market are all part of the exciting glamor of the Big Apple. Every big city in […]

Market update and webinar series announcement

Borders are reopening! Finally … Many of you were just waiting for this signal to come and join the Big Apple and realize your big real estate project, which has been dormant for almost two years. You will then have chosen the right time, in a market context which is still tense on one side […]

Why should you use a real estate agency to guide you through the New York real estate market?

By Annie Newman The New York real estate market consists of a vast sea of choice of luxury condos, apartments, homes and townhouses that can be found across New York City and its suburbs. One of the most populated and attractive cities on earth offers so much choice for buyers and real estate investors that […]

Why should you search for a home in Westchester County?

By Annie Newman Westchester is actually one of the first suburban areas to be developed outside of New York City. It is located just north of New York and is quite accessible as the distance is a reasonable drive to the city. It is located in the Hudson valley and consists of cities, towns and […]

Buying real estate in New York: expert advice

Bien Vivre aux États-Unis:the 1st digital show for French people in the United States BARNES New York & Westchester invites you to the conference dedicated to the New York real estate market, “Buying real estate in New York”, on the occasion of its participation in the online exhibition “Bien Vivre aux Etats-Unis”. This digital event […]

Why should you consider buying a dream property in the Hamptons?

By Annie Newman Did you ever find yourself thinking about purchasing your dream home? We often hear of names of cities and areas across the United States that are synonym with beautiful beaches, sceneries, celebrity homes, luxurious manors and fancy streets. Some of the most popular places in the United States that come to mind […]

Why is the real estate market in Queens worthwhile to explore?

By Annie Newman When buyers and investors think of New York City and its boroughs, they often imagine or assume that the homes or apartments for sale are small and lack the quiet qualities of suburbs. Houses for sale in Queens may just be a great surprise for anyone involved in the real estate market […]

The New Manhattan – REAL ESTATE IN DEPTH

By Mary Prenon. Source: www.realestateindepth.com/news/the-new-manhattan Despite the recent uptick in Delta variant COVID cases in the New York metro area, New York City is essentially open for business. Most Broadway theaters are reopening in September, restaurants and bars are now allowing vaccinated patrons to dine indoors and the residential real estate market is back in […]

Is investing in Brooklyn real estate a good choice?

By Annie Newman Is Brooklyn the next Manhattan? When you hear of Brooklyn, you may think it’s only one neighborhood but Brooklyn comprises of many different neighborhoods with various cultures, lifestyles and architecture for you to choose from.  Some areas have become very exclusive and expensive. Brooklyn is geographically larger than Manhattan and many areas […]

Should you invest in Manhattan real estate now?

By Annie Newman Manhattan is often described as the financial and cultural center of the United States, and even considered by some as a world capital. Historically, it has been a constant attraction for tourists and immigrants from all over the globe and it is now recognized as one of the most desirable and exciting […]

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