What is the housing price in Manhattan? 

Manhattan is a beautiful city filled with diversity, vibrancy, and plenty of activities. It is a great home for people of all backgrounds, and there is something for every resident there. But unfortunately, as Manhattan grows and expands, the housing price in Manhattan are constantly on the rise.  

Of course, they are subject to the location and neighborhood that the homes are in, but finding an apartment or condo for a low price is usually rare. Still, apartments in Manhattan are beautiful, and finding the right place to call home within the city is important. Depending on the area, the housing price in Manhattan varies.  

So if you’re looking for a property in Manhattan, whether it’s a co-op, condo, penthouse, townhouse, or simply something with an incredible view, continue reading to learn and understand housing prices in Manhattan. 

What factors determine housing prices? 

The housing price of an apartment in Manhattan depends on three main factors: age, type, and location. If the apartment is older and a bit run down, it naturally will be cheaper than buying a brand new and up-to-date apartment. Because of this, it is important to decide what accommodations are important to you and which ones you can do without. In older apartments, the structure of the building may be less sturdy, and, of course, the wood will be much older.  

The type and size of the building will also sway the price of the apartment greatly. Apartments that are small and compact will cost less than open and large apartments. Having an idea of how big you would prefer your apartment to be will give you a set goal and a specific range of apartments to look at.  

Additionally, co-ops are cheaper options than condos by an average of about $100,000. The average price for a square foot of a co-op is almost $1,800, while the average for a square foot of a condo is well over $2,000. Even so, buying a condo is better for investors as well as renting out your property.  

The location of the building is also important in determining the cost and risk of an apartment. What neighborhood is it in? What area of said neighborhood is it in? Is it more residential, or bustling with restaurants, shops and cafés? These are all essential questions that will decide the cost of the co-op or condo for sale in Manhattan. Also, the view outside the apartment’s windows can either make or break its price overall.  

What is the price in Tribeca? 

Tribeca is a beautiful, chic, and luxurious neighborhood to live in. It is filled with 5-star restaurants, classy shops and boutiques, and high-class residences. In addition, there are plenty of places to work along with beautiful office spaces. Because of this, buying an apartment in Tribeca can be profitable and rewarding when all is said and done.  

If you are looking to rent out an apartment here, it is practically guaranteed to fill in quickly. With this luxury, though, comes a high price tag. The median price of a condo here is $3,350,000*, and often you must have over $1,000,000 that is ready to be put down on it first. The median price of a co-op here is $2,740,000*. Apartments in Tribeca are some of the most expensive in all of Manhattan, but are nearly always high-quality and gorgeous.  

*Data obtained from UrbanDigs

What is the price in the East Village? 

The East Village is the perfect place for those with a knack for art and nightlife, and the crowd here is a bit rowdier than in other neighborhoods. It is easy to meet people of all different cultures, and just as easy to create long-lasting friendships. It is filled with bars, music venues, lounges, casual cafes, and many more spots to relax and socialize.  

With this being said, apartments in the East Village are chic and often have a rustic appeal. The median price of a condo here is about $1,740,000* and the median cost for a co-op is about $815,000*. This means you must have about $200,000 ready to put down.  

*Data obtained from UrbanDigs

What about NoHo and SoHo? 

New York City Manhattan SoHo street at sunset time background

NoHo is known for its free-flowing and fluid atmosphere, as well as its classiness and bohemian style. NoHo has all kinds of apartment styles, ranging from small to big and old to new. NoHo is filled with cute boutiques, small mom-and-pop shops, and casual cafes. Creative people from all over the world live here for their unique style and humbleness. NoHo in Lower Manhattan is one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in, alongside SoHo and Tribeca. The median price of a condo here is about $5,900,000*, and about $3,200,000* to buy a co-op.  

*Data obtained from PropertyShark

SoHo is famous for its infinite shopping plazas and unique fashion. If you have a love for clothing, SoHo is the place to be. There are plenty of boutiques and shops, both those with major brands and some that you cannot find anywhere else. SoHo takes on a bit of a faster pace than NoHo, but is still a beautiful neighborhood. It costs about $3,790,000* to buy a condo here, and about $2,380,000* to buy a co-op. 

*Data obtained from UrbanDigs

What are the housing prices like in Chelsea? 

If you enjoy NoHo and West Village, you might just love Chelsea. Chelsea is filled with residents that hold art and creativity close to their hearts, and just being in the neighborhood is enough to bring about inspiration.  

There is street art, numerous art galleries and exhibits, and unique landmarks, all of which make the neighborhood stand out from those surrounding it. A condo apartment in Chelsea costs about $2,840,000* and co-ops cost about $800,000* 

*Data obtained from UrbanDigs

The right price for you  

The housing price of a Manhattan apartment depends on the size and type, age, and location of the condo or co-op. Of course, there are many other neighborhoods to buy an apartment in, and making such a big purchase requires thorough research and decision-making.  

By finding the right neighborhood that fits your budget and needs, you’re sure to find the perfect apartment that’s right for you. BARNES New York can help with your project!

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Conference in Paris – Investing in real estate in the USA

The BARNES Miami & New York teams were pleased to host a conference in French on real estate investment in the United States on October 12th, followed by a cocktail at the BARNES Neuilly-sur-Seine agency in Paris.

Partnering with French magazine Valeurs Actuelles,Enzo Rosani of BARNES Miami, and Yann Rousseau, of BARNES New York, presented the state of their respective real estate market and the opportunities for investments. The successful event was followed by cocktails in the recently redecorated Neuilly-sur-Seine office, the very first BARNES office opened more than 25 years ago.

What is the real estate market like in New York? 

The housing market has seen some serious fluctuation over the last 2 years, especially in places like New York. Many cities across America are struggling to keep up with housing demands, and rent continues to climb.  So what is the real estate market like in New York right now ?

In 2020, living in New York seemed feasible for some people for a brief moment. Vacancy rates went up drastically as locals tried to escape the pandemic by fleeing to the less crowded states, making room for those who had been eyeing apartments in NYC for some time.  

However, as we came into 2021, everything changed. The stimulus money ran out, and landlords stopped giving out handouts. As a result, the demand for housing has been more than anyone could have expected, and prices have been driven to an all-time high across the country.  

Which parts of New York are most affected? 

New York City has been rated the most expensive place to live in the US and is the 9th most expensive place to live globally. Roughly 64 percent of New York State’s population resides in the city, so naturally, this is where the high demand comes into play. While the median housing price for New York State is $371,000, it’s over double that in NYC at $850,000.  

Prices were considered high before the pandemic, and it was a relief when they finally dropped. But now, in order to make up for that lost income, prices are continuing to soar past even what they were in 2019. The average rent increase is roughly 20 percent and climbing.

Manhattan has the highest median housing price of all the boroughs in the New York real estate market, at $1.4 million, followed by Brooklyn at $895,000, Queens and Staten Island both at $600,000, and finally the Bronx at $390,000. In these areas, prices for luxury housing can easily be several million dollars, with under $1 million being rare for family homes.

However, things are still very manageable outside the city, especially the farther away you get. While prices are still higher than before, the demand for upstate New York is not even close to the demand for city territory. If you’re looking to move to New York State but are not dead set on city life, there are some beautiful properties well under the median price range, ranging from a couple of hours away to the other side of the state.

Outside of the city, certain areas have not only a below-median price for New York, but it even falls below the national average. For example, Rochester, NY is the fourth most populous city in the state and is still extremely financially doable, with the median being only $149,900 thousand. Buffalo, NY comes in a close second at $160,000, followed by Liberty, NY at $174,100 thousand, and Albany, NY at $234,500. The only downfall may be that outside of the city; property taxes tend to be much higher.

What Is expected for 2022?  

Inflation has been a topic of conversation for many months now, as the price of housing, gas, food, and pretty much everything else continues to rise. In addition, companies are still recovering from supply chain disruptions, and it appears everywhere is understaffed these days.  

Fish, meat, and poultry prices are up over 12 percent from January 2021, and gas has increased even more so, with record-breaking prices around the country. As a result, the overall inflation rate via the Consumer Price Index was 7.9 percent through February, the most we’ve seen since 1982.  

Unfortunately for the housing market, Inflation affects more than just day-to-day prices. Housing costs rise and fall on numerous factors, including building materials, the local cost of living, and housing demands for certain areas. As long as inflation continues, the cost of housing will continue to rise.  

Mortgage rates have also gone up and are the highest they’ve been since 2019. Add the increased interest rates on top of the base cost of a mortgage, and you’re looking at an average monthly increase of $290 in the last year. In New York, mortgage rates are 1 basis point higher than the national average rate of 4.83 percent, with the average monthly payment ending up at about $2,800. 

It’s difficult to predict what will happen for the remainder of 2022, with professionals estimating anywhere from a 3.9 percent increase up to 16 percent. But, at the very least, the continued growth should certainly be slowing down now, and we are unlikely to see a market crash in the next few months. 

Is now the time to buy? 

If you’re waiting for prices to go down, experts say you will likely be waiting a long while. As we’ve previously noted, the market is likely to slow down over the next year, but nevertheless continues to rise.  

Until New York can catch up with supply-demand, vacancies will continue to dwindle, and choices will be scarce, so it may be best to pull the trigger sooner rather than later. Luxury housing is somewhat easier to find than more affordable options at the moment, but over the next couple of years, that should change. Developers may turn more office buildings into residential properties due to the increase of people working from home, and more people working from home means they don’t have to live near the city to do their job.  

If you’re looking to grab up a commercial property, now is the time to do so. Investors have been known to buy larger units as a NYC real estate investment, subdivide it, and then sell it for a profit. Non-residential properties can be an excellent NYC real estate investment, especially with the actual New York real estate market, as long as you get the proper permission to turn them into condos, lofts, or apartments. There are also zoning regulations that limit housing supply, and New York City will give tax breaks to investors who can turn things like commercial properties or warehouses into livable rental units.   

How can I best navigate the New York real estate market? 

The housing market is certainly warm, and all signs point to it staying that way for some time. If you’re not looking to spend your life savings on a condo in NYC, perhaps real estate in Upstate New York is a better option for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the waterfront, amenity-packed apartment of your dreams, by all means, check out some beautiful Manhattan or Long Island real estate and grab it while you can.  

Perhaps you’re looking for something to invest in and want to help solve the NYC housing crisis—there is certainly an opportunity for you. Whatever the case may be, BARNES New York has all the information you need, and real people to help guide you every step of the way.  

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BARNES New York at online showcase “Bien Vivre aux États-Unis”

BARNES New York will be participating in the online fair “Bien Vivre in the United States”, organized organized by French Morning and presented by USAFrance Financials.

“Bien Vivre in the United States” is the first digital fair dedicated to French expatriates in the United States, or preparing for expatriation, offering an entire week of conferences with experts to receive advices to live better in the United States, whether you are settled there for a long time or are still dreaming of living there.

All the most essential topics of expatriation will be touched upon, including immigration, family, business, heritage, health, immigration… but also the daily life of the expatriate, to give you the keys to live your expatriation as well as possible.

The fair will take place online from September 12th to the16th, 2022. BARNES New York will be represented by Managing Partner Yann Rousseau, who will be presenting New York’s real estate market along with powerful insights on how to buy a property in the Big Apple.

Join BARNES New York on September 12th at 2pm EST/20h FR.

Real Estate: Rental prices are skyrocketing in New York. Here’s why

After five consecutive months of rising prices, the average monthly rent stood at $5,058 in Manhattan last June. In the space of a year, real estate rentals in New York have seen prices soar by almost 30%. To understand this phenomenon, Rachel Brunet from LePetitJournal went to meet Yann Rousseau, Managing Partner at BARNES New York.

“Real Estate Investing in the USA” – Conference with BARNES New York & Miami in France

On June 2nd 2022, BARNES New York and Miami had the pleasure to host a conference on real estate investment in the US at the Riviera Golf Barbossi on the French Riviera, in the south of France. Partnering with French magazine Valeurs Actuelles, it was a unique occasion to present the brand on an exceptional site with lush green scenery and a collection of contemporary sculptures scattered throughout the course.

Yann Rousseau, BARNES New York director along with Enzo Rosani, director of BARNES Miami, introduced the current state, strengths and opportunities of their respective markets and shared their insights on the best ways to invest in real estate in the US for 2022. The unique advantages of the BARNES network were also presented, with its wide range of custom-made solutions and extra services, such as yachting, private aviation, Art Advisory, … The successful event was followed by cocktails on the Club House terrace while watching the breathtaking sunset.

The New York real estate market in 2022

Interview with Yann Rousseau, Managing Partner of BARNES New York

The New York City real estate market fascinates the world. But is it stable and strong? How profitable can an investment be? Are the new programs interesting? Yann Rousseau, Managing Partner at BARNES New York, the New York office of the prestigious French realty brand BARNES, answers French District’s questions.

Art of Living: BARNES is expanding in Westchester and Connecticut

BARNES realty is established internationally, with more than 100 offices worldwide in 20 different countries, in top destinations and world capitals that are worthy of its reputation. It was just the next following step to open an office in Larchmont, Westchester, a highly coveted New York suburb, 40 minutes from Manhattan by train. The area is highly sought-after by New York commuters and wealth managers, and more and more people working further away from big cities like New York City.

The Connecticut branch is still in the making, but on for a good start, with the Hamptons possibly following soon after.

An increased market presence in premier locations like Westchester, Connecticut and The Hamptons is the logical next step for the brand and will allow BARNES to assist its clients locally with the best level of services.

New York is not dead – Real estate market still strong

Read the article here

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we behave and had a deep economical and social impact on societies all over the world. It is thus not surprising that the real estate market was impacted, especially in a megalopolis like New York City, where the housing prices can lead people to live close to each other in cramped apartments. It was also a natural reaction to want to move away from the city, to a suburb or even farther where one could rent a spacious house and enjoy fresher air and greenery.

However, New York will always be New York, and despite a decrease in rent and sales prices during year 2020, prices are now back to a pre-pandemic level, and people are ready to move back to the bustling and lively Big Apple. New York real estate market is still strong and resilient, and there are still great opportunities, especially in new developments.

BARNES accompanies you in all your real estate endeavors in New York and abroad thanks to its international and global network, and its 100 offices in the most coveted destinations and world capitals, and with three expansiosn planned: in Greenwich, Connecticut, the Hamptons and New Jersey.

Why should you use a real estate agency to guide you through the New York real estate market?

By Annie Newman

The New York real estate market consists of a vast sea of choice of luxury condos, apartments, homes and townhouses that can be found across New York City and its suburbs. One of the most populated and attractive cities on earth offers so much choice for buyers and real estate investors that it would be hard to imagine navigating through this real estate market without the guidance of knowledgeable experts in the field. Not only is it important to choose the right type of residence, but the location of the home can affect daily life in a profound way when living in such a big metropolitan area. The process of buying or renting a home in New York City and its surroundings can be exciting and real estate agencies can guide you to make the process much more pleasant and effective.

The New York City real estate market

New York City has 5 boroughs that expand through large territories and include all types of landscapes. Those consist of the densely populated Manhattan, as well as many areas surrounded by water, farmlands, suburbs, towns and villages. Real estate companies can be found in most of these areas and often specialize in different types of properties, including luxury homes and modern constructions. Some parts of NYC are older due to its long and rich history but the properties are charming and retain their authenticity. There are many restored buildings that offer large and modern living spaces, while other areas have brand new constructions that are valued at very high prices due to their incredible location in and around the city that never sleeps. Those who are looking for a more quiet and suburban type of lifestyle can turn to one of the many boroughs that surround Manhattan that are less densely populated and offer more of a communal or family life that is not as busy as the big city. Luxury real estate companies can be found throughout the area because even a home that is a one hour drive from Manhattan can be quite expensive when considering how easily accessible it is to reach the city that is undoubtedly one of the most important financial and cultural centers in the world. In many cities around the United States, once a buyer starts searching for a home that is located within a sizeable distance of a big city, usually the prices can be expected to be lower but when one is searching for a home within any borough of New York City, they can expect high value properties because it is incredibly desirable to be near such a special metropolis. Choosing the right borough and the right type of property is quite a big task and while investing a lot of funds into a NYC home is always worthwhile, it is crucial to have the right broker and agency to help buyers make the right choice.

Why choose a real estate agency in buying or renting a home?

Some buyers turn to the internet to search for available properties in and around New York City to rent or buy, but they might not necessarily find out a lot of important information in the online postings of properties. Sometimes, a real estate broker might have insights that buyers don’t have access to regarding the history of repairs, appropriate pricing for the area, advantages and disadvantages of certain properties, why some homes have been on the market for longer periods of time, and myriads of other details that cannot be accessible on typical search engines for the real estate market. Some people who are looking to buy or rent a home in NYC are concerned about how to choose the right agent or broker because they don’t want to be pressured into any major decisions and therefore the best way to choose the right person to represent you in your search is to have them offer a few properties that meet your criteria and discover if they are truly trying to satisfy your real estate needs or are more concerned about sales and commission. Even though real estate brokers are available to help and are looking to close sales, some agents are more understanding of your needs than others and have your best interest in mind as they want their clients to be happy with the purchase and are not simply there to gain a sold property. Here, at BARNES New York, we have a long history of offering some of the most exclusive and special properties that NYC has to offer and our team of experts are proud to give a personalized service to its customers. With offices all over the world that represent luxurious and highly desirable homes, we are proud to include this great city as one of our top locations in the real estate market. In Europe, we present homes that show a true French art de vivre style and we choose our properties very carefully to meet the highest standards. Even in a city like New York that is quite populated and can include smaller living quarters, we still offer some of the best located, modern, luxurious and prestigious homes of all sizes to meet your needs. There are many real estate companies in the area that can be efficient to guide you in the process of making the right purchase or investment, but they may not offer such high end properties like BARNES has in its coveted listings.

Whether you are currently living and working in New York City or are living abroad and are looking to invest in a home in this area, you can count on BARNES to be at your disposal thanks to a strong team of experts available at your convenience.

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