BARNES Private Aviation

Beyond a mere service, BARNES offers you a unique experience: a tailor-made private aviation service designed to meet the demands of a clientele accustomed to the most exclusive offerings.

Take off with us

With several thousand airports dedicated to business aviation worldwide, BARNES Private Aviation manages all your travels. In France or internationally, for business or leisure, you provide us with your destination, schedule, the number of passengers, and we take care of everything. BARNES GLOBAL OFFICE promises you an unparalleled experience.


Our luxury concierge, BARNES GLOBAL OFFICE, accompanies you on all your journeys, throughout your stays. Once again, BARNES blends the art of living and innovation to make you experience unique and unforgettable moments in the air.

Privacy, confidentiality—with BARNES’ private aviation service, you will never travel the same way again. No more waiting in traditional security lines, simplified boarding and disembarking procedures; your travel time will be continuously optimized. Able to land at smaller and more remote airports, your private plane will bring you closer to your destination without requiring additional ground travel. Maximum flexibility in terms of schedules and routes; you choose your departure and arrival airports.

BARNES Private Aviation promises you optimal security. The companies we work with select highly qualified crews and adhere to strict standards, ensuring peace of mind throughout your journey.

BARNES GLOBAL OFFICE takes care of welcoming you upon arrival anywhere in the world. At each of your destinations, our concierge is by your side, offering tailor-made support to make you feel at home anywhere in the world.

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