New York real estate outlook with Yann Rousseau

Meet Yann Rousseau, director of BARNES New York, who reviews the New York real estate market.

In this traditionally very active autumn from the point of view of the New York real estate market, and while it seemed to have regained its historical seasonality, we are seeing a clear slowdown in activity.

And this is happening on both sides of the table, with sellers withdrawing their properties to wait for better days, and buyers who are no longer in a hurry because of the impact of the downturn in the market and the rise in interest rates. At the same time, the strong dollar, to the detriment of the euro in particular, is also slowing down foreign investment. The New York real estate market is therefore sluggish, typically a buyers’ market, although this is not translating into lower prices at this stage. Nevertheless, we can expect better negotiation margins.

In the old, but especially in the new. Again, while individual sellers in New York can afford to wait until activity picks up (probably next spring), developers (or “sponsors” in New York parlance) do not have this freedom, with financing and regulatory deadlines pressing them to clear their inventory as soon as possible. Thus, it is rather towards this type of product that one should concentrate today and thus take advantage of a brief window of opportunity where one can go and negotiate some “sales”, all things considered. With the right project and negotiation approach, double-digit discounts can be expected.

 This market opportunity, mainly in new construction, will not last. Buyers, especially those with existing dollars (or dollar assets), would be well advised to position themselves in the next six months. For, barring any new exogenous events, a recovery is expected by the spring of 2023.

BARNES Magazine n°32 is hot off the press

The BARNES Fall-Winter 2022 magazine is hot off the press, featuring Terry de Gunzberg, founder of By Terry, who invites us to discover her colorful universe. Entrepreneurship, cosmectics and art…she shares with us her passions and also her vision that has revolutionized the world of beauty.

Learn about the world of wine with Angelus, an exceptional signature combined with contemporary daring, but also the Orient Express, an express route to luxury. We also open our pages to Baccarat, a sparkling party, to the decorators Friedmann & Versace but also to Guy Savoy who shares his idea of luxury.

For this 32nd edition of the magazine, take a real estate world tour by browsing our selection of the most exceptional properties in international cities, in France, as well as country, seaside and mountain destinations. Click on the link to access the online version of the magazine.

BARNES Study: Paris Luxury Market Report 2022

BARNES just published its new study on Paris luxury real estate market report for 2022. You’ll find data on the high-end sales now taking place in all 20 arrondissements of the French capital, showing a preference for foreign buyers for premium locations, and a continued enthusiasm for pieds-à-terre.

2022 was the year of change, showing a new vision of Paris and big cities worldwide. People are moving away from cars and prefer a cleaner public transportation system, realizing it’s possible to cross Paris by bus, metro or bike in 20 minutes. People are also looking for more authenticity and simplicity in their everyday lives, and want to achieve something closer to a “village life”.

“What we’re seeing, both for a French and international clientèle, is a new way of approaching property acquisitions in Paris.” Richard Tzipine, Managing Partner of BARNES.

Real Estate: Rental prices are skyrocketing in New York. Here’s why

After five consecutive months of rising prices, the average monthly rent stood at $5,058 in Manhattan last June. In the space of a year, real estate rentals in New York have seen prices soar by almost 30%. To understand this phenomenon, Rachel Brunet from LePetitJournal went to meet Yann Rousseau, Managing Partner at BARNES New York.

“Real Estate Investing in the USA” – Conference with BARNES New York & Miami in France

On June 2nd 2022, BARNES New York and Miami had the pleasure to host a conference on real estate investment in the US at the Riviera Golf Barbossi on the French Riviera, in the south of France. Partnering with French magazine Valeurs Actuelles, it was a unique occasion to present the brand on an exceptional site with lush green scenery and a collection of contemporary sculptures scattered throughout the course.

Yann Rousseau, BARNES New York director along with Enzo Rosani, director of BARNES Miami, introduced the current state, strengths and opportunities of their respective markets and shared their insights on the best ways to invest in real estate in the US for 2022. The unique advantages of the BARNES network were also presented, with its wide range of custom-made solutions and extra services, such as yachting, private aviation, Art Advisory, … The successful event was followed by cocktails on the Club House terrace while watching the breathtaking sunset.

BARNES New York at the NYC Real Deal Showcase + Forum 2022

BARNES New York had the opportunity to be present at the Real Deal Showcase + Forum 2022 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City on May 19th, 2022. The showcase attracted several thousands of professionals across several industries related to real estate, for a day of networking and panel sessions on the current and future state of the market.

Keynote speakers like Ryan Serhant, Gary Barnett and even NYC Mayor Eric Adams, shared their insights on the Post-COVID era and the latest trends and news in the industry.

The BARNES New York team had the pleasure to attend, introducing the brand and the luxury ‘Art of Living’ services to curious attendees. Representatives from the BARNES Miami and Montreal offices also made it to NYC, allowing for an international event that reinforced the deep ties between the different offices of the BARNES North America coalition and perfectly illustrated BARNES’ international position in the real estate scene.

BARNES Magazine n°31 is hot off the press

The BARNES Spring-Summer 2022 magazine is hot off the press, featuring Corinne Mentzelopoulos, French-Greek businesswoman who owns and runs the prestigious Bordeaux wine estate, Château Margaux. She did BARNES the honor of giving a tour of her magnificent vineyard, surrounded by two of her children, Alexandra and Alexis, who have also joined the family venture.

Learn about the story of Christofle, a renowned silversmith and tableware company, who revolutionized culinary arts, introducing new innovations and revolutionary techniques. You’ll be able to learn more about architecture and interior design with the launch of the new BARNES department, BARNES Interiors.

Discover a selection of Art, wine, top holiday destinations and the latest about fashion. Browse through a selection of our most exceptional properties in international cities, France, as well as destinations on the countryside, seaside and mountainous regions. Click on the link to access the online version of the magazine:

The New York real estate market in 2022

Interview with Yann Rousseau, Managing Partner of BARNES New York

The New York City real estate market fascinates the world. But is it stable and strong? How profitable can an investment be? Are the new programs interesting? Yann Rousseau, Managing Partner at BARNES New York, the New York office of the prestigious French realty brand BARNES, answers French District’s questions.

BARNES Global Property Handbook 2022

During the health crisis, acquisitions continue! Everyone had to adapt during those two years and the wealthiest did the same. In a context of faster than expected economic recovery, the ranking of major international cities has once again been turned upside down. The BARNES Global Property Handbook, published once a year, dives deep inside the global real estate markets and the last edition is fresh off the press, showing promising results for cities like Miami, Austin, Tokyo, Geneva and Paris, making up the Top 5 of the BARNES City Index, a mix of safe bets and bets on economic attractiveness.

«In 2022, the BARNES City Index has never been so varied,highlighting meteoric rises like Madrid, Moscow and Prague, but also traditional safe bets like London, New York and Tokyo. The reflection of the changes caused by the health crisis and especially the ability of the great fortunes to adapt», comments Thibault de Saint Vincent, President of BARNES.

At the top of the ranking appear five cities that haveconvinced investors both for their attractiveness and their fundamentals: Miami, already surprised by the Top 2020 where it was 4th, takes 1st place, followed by Austin which jumps from 24th to 2nd place. Tokyo remains good third, followed by Geneva which progresses from 8th to 4th place and Paris, rising from 7th to 5th place. The United States are therefore taking the lion’s share due to rapid economic developments, while Japan and Europe, the «Old Wave», are managing to reinvent themselves.

«Old Europe is regaining its former status, with five cities in the Top 10 (Geneva, Paris, London, Madrid, Stockholm), testifying to a return to the traditional safe values that were, before the health crisis, the great regulars of the BARNES City Index,» explains Thibault de Saint Vincent. The same is true for New York and Toronto, which are also making a comeback. 

New Art Installation at BARNES New York & Westchester

BARNES New York & Westchester continues its collaboration and partnership with G&O ART with a tandem installation of works by José van GOOL from the PASSION & MOVEMENT series on view through the month of January.

These paintings inhabit a movement unique to van Gool, one she summons up through her dramatic charge of color.  

A solitary personage or a group are always the presumed focus of the composition. The women’s gowns break down into fields of color, maddening reds and oranges, so that what the viewer beheld at first seems to have sparked into an uncertain environment, more abstract and unknown, but more passionate as well. Van Gool’s mastery of color drives these emotional works, as the dancers she creates in effect lose themselves, consumed by the hot, dry matter of the world, like fallen, brittle leaves about to burst into flame.

José van Gool explores the relationship between color and movement, with slightly blurred faces that take the shape of everyday, anonymous women. Red, yellow, and orange hues bring warmth and a glowing luminosity, creating the illusion of an open flame lighting up the room.

G&O ART is a representative and promotional agency for international contemporary artists, a unique art source-expert catering to Private and Corporate Collectors, International Institutions and Foundations, Hospitality and Luxury industries, Galleries, Art Dealers and Museums. Basing its success on close working relationship with all clients, G&O ART provides a wide range of visual arts of nationally and internationally recognized as well as emerging artists.

Art in the background with the BARNES round logo on the window overlaying.

Dynamic player in the art market since 2000, at the instigation of its founder Heidi Barnes, BARNES Art advisory supports young talent in contemporary creation through a programme of exhibitions and Art installations at prestigious venues where the brand is established and through partnerships with major artistic events (FIAC, PARIS PHOTO, etc.).

More about BARNES Art Advisory

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