Where should you buy an apartment in Connecticut?

Connecticut is a small state located in New England, bordering two states in the region: Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It also shares a border with the southeastern part of New York State. The state has plenty of natural landscapes, scenic views, and plenty of opportunities. 

It’s home to plenty of Connecticut real estate properties. Some of them are the most coveted in the entire nation. It may be the ideal place for someone looking to buy an apartment. 

If you intend to buy an apartment in Connecticut, you might be looking for a place to start. With so many communities, it may be a challenge. The areas we’ll be looking at will be in proximity to the New York City metropolitan area. 

Many people who work in New York City and the surrounding area will live in Connecticut and commute regularly. Let’s take a look now at the following communities to consider. 


Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut. It has a population of 144,000 residents. Believe it or not, it is one of the most affordable communities to purchase an apartment in the state. 

According to REDFIN, the median sales price is around $368,000, making it one of the most attractive options for first-time home buyers and young professionals. There are several different housing options including historic homes, modern condos, and apartments.  

When you buy an apartment in Bridgeport, you’ll be in a prime location. You will be close to several universities including the University of Bridgeport. You’ll also be an hour and a half’s drive away from New York City. 

If you plan on commuting to the city, it’s a 90-minute train ride (via commuter rail or Amtrak). You’ll have plenty of options to get to and from the two cities. 


Fairfield is located between Bridgeport and Westport on Interstate 95. This town has plenty of historic homes and apartments. Keep in mind that the town has apartments that are the most expensive in the state. 

The median home value in Fairfield County is around $615,000. Despite the high costs, Fairfield is perfect for those looking for a high quality of life and a strong sense of community. 

This is home to many cultural attractions, parks, and plenty of nature preserves. If you are looking for a community that will be located near New York City, beaches, and plenty of other points of interest in Connecticut and New York, Fairfield may be a great town to buy an apartment in Connecticut. 


Stamford is located in Fairfield County. Some of the global headquarters of large corporations are found here including World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and NBC Sports among others. There are several housing options including luxury high-rise apartments. 

The city also has a vibrant nightlife and has several different restaurants. If you are a young professional looking to work in Stamford or even New York City, this may be one of the best cities to buy an apartment in Connecticut. 

Stamford is an hour’s drive from New York City. If you take the commuter rail, it will be an hour-long one way trip. If you’re someone who intends to commute to and from the city, this may not be a bad option. 

You hate getting stuck in traffic? The commuter rail may be the best option. Amtrak and the MTA rail offer daily routes going from Stamford to New York. If you plan on working in other Connecticut cities such as Fairfield or New Haven, they can be easily accessible by rail. 

New Haven 

New Haven is located on the southern coast of the state. It borders Long Island Sound. The city is home to Yale University, which is considered one of the most famous Ivy League universities in the country (and the world).  

While it may be farther from New York City, it can still be a great city to buy an apartment in. Especially if you are planning on working in New Haven or in communities in neighboring Fairfield County. Downtown New Haven has plenty of museums, theaters, and art galleries. 

If you are looking for apartments or condos, the downtown area may be worth checking out. 


Greenwich has plenty of residents and beautiful neighborhoods. The city is a short drive from New York City. The apartments here can be expensive, as well as the other housing options including waterfront homes. 

According to REDFIN, the median home value is a stunning $2.2 million. If you are looking for an apartment and have enough financial breathing room, Greenwich may be one of the best options for you. You might plan on living here and commuting to New York City. 

It may be a city to consider if you find New York City to be a bit out of your price range. 

Old Greenwich 

This coastal town in Fairfield County is located near Greenwich. With plenty of historic homes, plenty of schools, and beautiful beaches – Old Greenwich may be the perfect option for families and young professionals. 

If you are someone who is a sucker for the outdoors, you may be quite happy here. Imagine getting immersed in nature here. Especially when you are a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby cities. 


Located southeast of downtown Bridgeport, Stratford is the perfect city for someone to buy an apartment in Connecticut. This will be a great place for anyone planning to work in Bridgeport, New York City, or even New Haven. 

Depending on your personal needs and preferences, Stratford may be a great place to buy an apartment. 


Located near Greenwich, Byram has plenty of apartments, townhomes, and single-family homes. If you are looking for a place, but cannot afford the expensive apartments in Greenwich, Bryam may be an alternative option. 

The good news – you will be a short drive from Greenwich, Bridgeport, and the New York City metropolitan area. Once again, one of the best options for someone who intends to commute regularly.     


With plenty of locations in Connecticut, you are bound to find an apartment that will fit you best. Contact us today at BARNES New York to see which one of these towns in the state will be the next place you call home. 

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