Why should you buy a house in Larchmont?

If you are looking for real estate in Westchester County, there are plenty of towns and cities to look for something. One area in particular to check out is Larchmont.

We’ll talk about why you should buy a house in Larchmont. The city features a charming and upscale neighborhood that provides you with all kinds of luxury apartments, villas, mansions, and more. If you are considering Larchmont as a place to call home, keep reading to see properties that are available for you. 

General Information on Real Estate in Westchester 

Currently, Westchester County’s real estate market is booming. The reason for this is that people may be leaving the city in favor of the suburbs and rural areas. Thus, a place like Westchester County and Larchmont may see an influx of new residents.

The county located in southern New York State is home to a wide range of properties. They include but are not limited to starter homes to multi-million dollar mansions (and everything in between). You’re bound to find a beautiful home in one of the most convenient locations in the NYC metro area. 

Luxury Apartments in Larchmont 

There are plenty of luxury apartments in Larchmont that are available. If you are not ready to commit to a house, this might be your best option. The good news is that you can enjoy modern living life to your advantage. 

Most of these luxury apartments include plenty of amenities. They include doorman services, fitness centers, and beautiful views. If you are a young professional looking for a place close to NYC and other surrounding downs, you could buy a house in Larchmont. 

Houses in Larchmont 

If you prefer houses in Larchmont, we won’t blame you at all. You can choose a single-family home that fits your needs. You may find one that will be a fit for your family as well. 

There are plenty of homes in the area that were built in the 20th Century and feature a ton of classical architectural details. They include hardwood floors, fireplaces, and high ceilings.  

These homes have been updated to include modern add-ons and amenities including home theaters, spa-style bathrooms, and updated kitchens. You’ll find a house that will fit your needs and budget easily here in Larchmont. 

Villas in Larchmont 

If you prefer living luxuriously, you may consider one of the many villas in Larchmont to your liking. These include features like private pools, stunning views of the Long Island Sound, and perfectly manicured gardens. If you have regular guests staying over, they can use the on-property guest house or separate apartment. 

It’s luxury living without having all kinds of space. It might be a good fit for you if you want to live the high-end life but not spending too much out of your budget range.

After all, it is one of the most affluent towns in Westchester County.

Mansions in Larchmont 

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury living, you can choose one of the handful of mansions in Larchmont. You’ll live in a one-of-a-kind home that features private movie theaters, wine cellars, and even fun amenities such as basketball courts, bowling alleys, and more.

You will have all kinds of space. Not to mention, you’ll have a large number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well. Let’s not forget, you’ll have plenty of ample outdoor space for all your activities. 

How close is Larchmont to New York City (and other communities)?

Larchmont is approximately 18 miles away from New York City. It’s easily accessible via Interstate 95. However, you may be able to use local transportation options including the local MTA commuter rail.

From there, you can be able to get to New York City. You can also get around Westchester County and even much of Connecticut using the local rail system. In neighboring New Rochelle, you can even hop on an Amtrak train that can take you almost anywhere in the country.

Even better, you can also get around the NYC metro area with ease. You can hop off the commuter rail and get on the subway that can take you to various parts of the city. Not to mention, you’ll also be able to get to any of the three major airports with ease. 

Need to hop on a domestic flight from LaGuardia? You can do that. If you’re flying internationally – JFK and Newark are your best options (although they also provide domestic flights as well). 

Larchmont is located between New Rochelle and Mamaroneck. You’ll also have Long Island Sound located to the southeast of the downtown area. This city has plenty of beautiful neighborhoods, without the high prices that you would otherwise pay for in New York City proper. 

Yet, it’s one of the best cities in Westchester County for those that want to be close to the city. Even better, they are close to transportation options that can take them to almost anywhere in the country. 


If you are planning to buy a house in Larchmont, check out the options that are currently available. You’ll find a place to call home for a long time. Whether it’s an apartment or a single family home, you’re bound to find something in this city along the Long Island Sound. 

Contact us today and we will assist you in your search.  

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