What is the New York City real estate market like?

What is the New York City real estate market like

Even if you have never been there before, you are surely aware that there are few cities in the world like New York City. The biggest city in America is also one of the most beloved and recognized on all of Earth. From business to nightlife to culture to restaurants and more, New York City has it all.  

It is one of the most popular places in the world and that means that it has one of the most famous real estate markets too. The real estate market in New York City is known as a good barometer for the entire country and world. When real estate in New York City becomes more expensive, it often signals a trend that will impact other major cities worldwide.

There is a lot to know about buying real estate in New York City. It’s unlike any other city on Earth because of the various things you need to keep in mind. Just saying you want to move to New York City isn’t enough. You should know the location, type of residence, benefits, and more.

But investing your money in the New York City real estate market is almost always a good idea. It has pushed through some of the toughest world events ever – including over the last few years. This proves that, even in the worst of times, the New York City real estate market is strong and will always bounce back. The resilient New York City market is a compelling reason to consider investing in it, whether you seek a home for sale or apartments for sale. 

Let’s take a deeper look into the current state of the market in the city that never sleeps. Is now a good time to buy into New York City real estate, either as someone wanting to move there or someone wanting to invest? What other things should you be aware of when you are contemplating a move as big as this one? 

How much does it cost to buy into New York City Real Estate? 

According to UrbanDigs, Manhattan’s median home prices were down about 3.3% in the month of September 2023 compared to the previous year. The median sale price for a house in Manhattan was $1,152,066 and was on the market for about 75 days. The median sale price per square foot in Manhattan is $1,438, down 0.7% since last year. 

Brooklyn is seeing a different trend, with a per square foot of about $976 in September 2023, showing a 2.2% increase from last year. The median sale price also rose to $961,000, a 0.9% increase year-over-year.

The market is primed for someone, even a first time buyer, to make a mark on the New York City real estate market. With prices dropping, you will be able to spend less money. And with the amount of sales reaching a ten-year low, the market place is filled with locations that are ready to be grabbed up. It is important to note, however, that the supply of homes right now is historically low. 

From luxury apartments, single-family buildings, condo, townhouses, penthouses, and beyond, New York is ready to offer something at the lowest prices it’s had in ages.

Why should you buy homes in New York? 

Besides favorable pricing, there are numerous reasons to invest in the current New York City real estate market, not solely due to affordability.  

New York City is a cultural mecca that has something to offer just about anyone who moves there. Whether you’re a theater-goer, a business person, a family man or woman, or just someone trying to set off on your own and live your life, you will have plenty to do and enjoy in New York. This is one of the reasons why it’s the most populated city in all of America – people love living there. 

Here are just a few things that should convince you that moving to New York or buying property there is a great idea. 

The Location

It goes without saying but New York City truly is at the center of everything in many ways. 

New York City is home to Broadway, where the finest plays in the world are performed to adoring crowds. It is also the center of the business world, with many Fortune 500 companies making their homes in NYC. But beyond that, New York is a place where cultures from all over the world mix together and live in harmony. With this, you are able to witness events that you wouldn’t see anywhere else, try cuisine that is mouth-watering, and experience different world views.  

Plus, one of the best things about living in New York City is that you can enjoy these things from any part of it. Because of the great public transportation system in place, you can visit any part of the city with ease. 

The Resale Value 

Right now, the prices and demand for houses in New York City are at a low. However, it won’t always be that way. As it always does, the New York City real estate market will rebound and the prices will go up in time.  

That will help you in the long run because your resale value will grow in the next few years. A home that you buy now will be worth even more, and will garner you an even higher price point. For those who look to buy real estate as a smart investment choice, buying in New York City right now might be one of the smartest. 

The Strength of the Market 

New York City has been through a lot since its founding hundreds of years ago. From world wars, terrorist attacks, pandemics, and more, New York City and its real estate market has always stayed steady and held fast and then grew again. 

There are few cities that have proven their resilience like New York and few real estate markets like theirs too. Despite worsening market conditions in New York, the city’s strong history and evidence of resilience instill confidence.


There are very few cities in the world like New York City. From the offerings of food, culture, public transportation, business, and more, there really is something for everyone in the Big Apple.  

The truth is that the New York City real estate market is going through a period of change. Some of the biggest indicators of the market are at decade lows, which raises the alarm for some people. Despite surface appearances, there’s a significant opportunity in the New York City market, particularly for investors.

If you feel that now is the right time for you to buy into New York, you should call upon our expert team at BARNES New York. From New York City and beyond, we know the most intricate and minute details that should be paid attention to. 

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