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Finding an apartment for rent in Brooklyn can be very easy, although one needs to know the good neighborhoods, those where you can still do good business and even find the gold nugget, and learn about the rental property market. Here are some tips for making the right choice and being a successful renter.

Find the best neighborhood to rent an apartment in Brooklyn

Most of the properties for rent are marketed through real estate agents. So the idea of ​​looking for an apartment on your own, without an agency is not necessarily a good idea. Indeed, flats for rent in Brooklyn are taken very quickly, often in that same day and it is not uncommon for an owner to receive several offers for a property. The use of a professional who will know the neighborhood, prices, procedure is highly recommended.

Brooklyn has a diverse range of neighborhoods, more or less expensive, generally appreciated for their calm and relaxed, close to amenities, schools and metro, it’s up to you to choose because your best neighborhood is not the neighbor’s.


The neighborhood of reference for all those who love the dynamism without the frenzy of Manhattan. Trendy but calm, bohemian but chic, urban but green, Williamsburg brings together a well-to-do population of promising young workers. We are talking about you of course!


Despite high prices, the district of DUMBO remains highly sought after by young active tenants, with a comfortable budget. Located not far from Manhattan, it has all the conveniences of a modern and trendy neighborhood with its dozens of shops, gourmet restaurants and rooftops that offer breathtaking views of the skyscrapers.

Brooklyn Heights

This “neighborhood” remains a coveted neighborhood of families looking for a property to rent in Brooklyn. It is true that this neighborhood has it all: dynamic but quiet, historically very rich with its many architectural styles and churches, it also has cultural institutions such as Brooklyn Historical Society and the Heights Players. Finally, it enjoys an ideal location near downtown (Downtown Brooklyn). Only problem, a rental offer much lower than the demand, always high year after year.

Carroll Gardens

This is the favorite neighborhood of many French, perhaps because it is full of European shops, gourmet pastries and especially the variety of schools that offer French education: including the excellent public school PS 58 The Carroll School and the private school International School of Brooklyn.

Park Slope

Families looking for an apartment to rent will love the peace and greenery of this neighborhood, which offers beautiful traditional red brick townhouses as well as more modern buildings. The whole is very pleasant, especially because of the many parks or all the amenities imaginable. Beware, the offer does not always follow a constantly high demand, and prices are affected.

How to go about renting in Brooklyn?

First you need to know that the typical term of a residential lease is 12 months, but you may find it shorter. In this case, the apartment is often furnished.

In addition, you must be able to prove that you earn enough, in general, the amount of monthly income is equal to 4 times that of the monthly rent. Ideally, your compensation should be local, at least American.

There are exceptions and temperament to these rules and it is that the choice of a good real estate agent, working for a serious and recognized agency (We speak of BARNES, of course) can make all the difference. It is therefore important to seek advice from an expert who can refer and negotiate effectively for you.

The agency fees, or brokerage fees, up to 15% of the annual rent, are usually paid by the tenant, but there are cases (or neighborhoods) where the owner who has to settle them. Metoramas, a small cord from your pores, your nearest friend, or your owner, or your number or meter, should perhaps be contacted.

Once you have found the apartment of your dreams, you must act quickly: gather all the necessary documents and prepare the initial amount to pay in order to block the property, until the signing of the lease and the delivery of the keys. For the paperwork, we leave you in the good hands of an expert BARNES!

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