Buy property in Carroll Gardens, a rising neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City

Look around. If you see cliques of school children with their book bags still on their backs and smiles on their faces, then you’re in the right place, in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York City.  

We’ll explain: 76% of HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals, those with assets worth between 1 and 30 million dollars) and a large portion of other buyers consider a neighborhood’s quality of education as a priority, before investing in a property. Then, of course, comes the second criterion: pollution.

So you can just imagine how the real estate market boomed in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn when PS 58 The Carroll School started offering a French-English curriculum, attracting many French-speaking families to this Brooklyn neighborhood. Today, more than 300 students have enrolled in the public Dual Language program, a recipient of the LabelFrancEducation from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thanks to the neighborhood’s excellent environment, many people are investing in this corner of Brooklyn that’s increasingly becoming a cult neighborhood. If you’re interested in buying an apartment or a house in a New York City neighborhood, we recommend Carroll Gardens, especially if you have toddlers who are eager to learn French.

Few can resist Carroll Gardens and its incredible views of Manhattan and the iconic NYC skyline. The neighborhood is peaceful and quiet yet lively (just the right ratio), and full of many inviting restaurants, delis, and vibrant boutiques. The most commercial streets are Smith Street and Court Street, but Clinton Street is also great for shopping. Its houses and apartments are charming. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, a nod to its Italian-American roots. Besides, it’s not unusual to come across a delicious Italian bakery or the aroma of a freshly brewed ristretto, an Italian espresso. These are just a few reasons for Carroll Gardens’ success; not to mention the proximity and easy access to Manhattan’s hustle and bustle via the MTA subway.

But that’s not all. What makes Carroll Gardens one of the most desirable neighborhoods to optimize and/or realize a real estate project is the irresistible charm of its magnificent and mythical houses and apartments, perfectly aligned like the manicured trees that line its sidewalks and avenues.

The neighborhood offers greenery in the city with its lovely deep gardens in the front yards of those landmark brownstones, a typical NYC residence made of reddish-brown sandstone. Some of these brownstones are divided into luxury apartments, while others have preserved their family-friendly nature. Many European families have fallen in love with the beautiful apartments and houses in Carroll Gardens, and Carroll Park, too, for its Bastille Day celebration on July 14th in honor of French residents. However, it’s also very common to hear people speaking Italian, in all its animation, on the streets.

To put it simply: Where there are children, there is a good life, and where there is a good life, there is happiness. Not complicated at all, here’s the zip code: 11231.

Photo Credit: postopp1

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