Live in one of Manhattan’s top neighborhoods: Upper East Side


The Upper East Side is undoubtedly one of the chicest neighborhoods in Manhattan. Wondering why? Well for starters, type in Manhattan, New York, NY on Google Maps and it’ll become very clear as the huge green mass that is Central Park captivates you and the screen. Without any hesitation, you know that’s exactly where you want to live.

Located on the northeast corner of this urban island, between Central Park and the East River, the UES is home to a very affluent population. Its buildings, houses, and apartments are luxurious and often featured in glossy magazines for their elegance and timeless style. Lining the streets are friendly doormen, gatekeepers to residential buildings and their top of the line concierge services.

Everyone knows New York City is a city like no other, completely unique, and the Upper East Side is no different. Its blocks of architecture boast a mixture of skyscrapers, well-cut stone buildings, brownstones, palatial towers like the Plaza Hotel and Trump Palace Condominiums. Overall, the neighborhood is residential and commercial, very clean and secure. The names of its avenues have been heard around the world: Park Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Madison Avenue (known to be one of the most expensive), and, of course, the iconic Fifth Avenue. An urban landscape at its core, the atmosphere of the UES is dynamic and energetic while still remaining discreet and fairly quiet: the serenity that comes after making it, after finally realizing your dreams. You’ll notice that the residences are very modern, with windows as walls offering spectacular views of the city or the park. Residential buildings are often equipped with gyms and swimming pools. You’ll also find older upscale buildings that are very charming and fronted with beautiful marble entrances. Inside, elevators operators keep you company on the way up to visit, or return home, to plush apartments.

You may be surprised by how many children live in the neighborhood because the Upper East Side is at its core is a family neighborhood, set with some of the very best academic institutions. In total, there are around 51 schools including a French high school. UES moms are already thinking about registering their newborns for a first-rate kindergarten class. Don’t think for a second that this private establishment is only populated by baguette enthusiasts. The lucky 1,337 students represent over 55 different nationalities.

The outstanding Central Park and its 341 hectares in the heart of the city also attract New Yorkers with children (trees and children are like 2 peas in a pod) but also exercise enthusiast and musicians of all kinds. Artificial lakes, walking paths, its renowned 2.54-km Reservoir, 2 ice skating rinks, 21 athletic fields and its famous zoo. All of this is surrounded by immense, towering buildings and the incessant buzzing of the city.

The Upper East Side’s real estate assets are highly valued and sought-out by a very affluent clientele. The price per m2 is high, but as a certain famous beauty brand says: “Because you’re worth it.” Businessmen and businesswomen, people with high net worths as well s those with high purchasing power are very fond of this classic Manhattan neighborhood.

The UES is also a significant cultural center. The area is home to landmark museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim, and the Frick Collection to name but a few. A top shopping hotspot, too, the world’s most beautiful boutiques and legendary brands have established themselves on pavements of Fifth and Madison Avenues. Restaurants and cafes, like its shops, are known to set the latest trends in terms of both decor and cuisine. The world’s top chefs go to Manhattan in a never-ending chase for new flavors and creativity to delight Upper East Siders (they are the most discerning judges).

Sure, it’s a little cliché, but the simple truth is that Manhattan is a special place that becomes even more magical, more mythical on the streets of the Upper East Side.

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