A window of opportunity in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


During the course of our lives, there will be many opportunities. As it happens, we may not always be ready to seize them. But some opportunities only come once, like making a home in the hippest neighborhood in BrooklynWilliamsburg.

Williamsburg is a neighborhood exploding with major brands, trendy bars and restaurants overflowing with creativity. So it attracts a population one could only categorize as cool. We don’t mean to get too familiar, but all the positive energy bubbling in  Williamsburg has a tendency of making us lower our guards, leaving all stress and anxiety on the other side of the East River.

The neighborhood carries an undeniably artistic air. Major artist – like Robots Will Kill and Nick Walker, among others – regularly paint the walls, embellishing the area with spirited works of street art.

Williamsburg is known for its stylish lofts and high-end buildings breaking ground on the shores of the East River, offering breathtaking panoramas. Moreover, ultra-modern luxury buildings are continuously under construction to accommodate a young clientele, mostly with families and children.

The neighborhood’s breathtaking view of the Manhattan Skyline cannot be understated. It’s impossible to get tired of the blazing sunset, especially while sipping on a cocktail at a fashionable rooftop bar or, even better, while comfortably lounging on the sofa with your better half. But just that won’t complete your weekend program. In Brooklyn, on the other side of the river, the things to do are varied and vast.

Explore unique concept store and flea markets – like the Brooklyn Flea Market – to scour for rare vintage finds, in true hipster style. Head to Bedford Avenue and wander through its lively blocks to uncover small independent shops in old abandoned warehouses. Come tête-à-tête to the famous Mona Lisa of Williamsburg – we promise Leonardo won’t find out. As for the gourmands, the Smorgasburg food market is an inevitable pit-stop thanks to its delicious selection of booths specializing in organic dishes, chocolate creations, coffee beverages, international cuisine, and more.

Now that you’re hooked, we’ll get to the good stuff. This ultra-trendy neighborhood is on its way to becoming among the most in-demand neighborhoods in New York City. As a result, real estate prices are sure to skyrocket within the next 3 years. Good news is that there’s a window of opportunity for you to secure a sweet real estate investment for the future, right now. You might hear that, starting in January 2019, a major subway line connecting Manhattan to Williamsburg (to be precise, the L) will be out of service. But don’t fret, it’s only a temporary hiccup. Today, buildings under construction and apartments on the market are experiencing a drop in prices. This is a golden opportunity because the work won’t last forever. Not to mention, with the exemplary American work-ethic and knack for efficiency, your move-in date will undoubtedly be sooner rather than later.

Plus, you’ll able to bask in the light – natural or artificial – while crossing the Williamsburg Bridge on foot, by bike or car; the iconic Manhattan Skyline as your witness. The underground route across the East River will almost seem like a non-factor.

Our advice: Take advantage of this drop in real estate prices and make a smart investment en route to accumulate value over the next 3 years. Jump at this once in a lifetime opportunity and buy a luxury apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  

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