How to choose a real estate agent in New York?


It’s decided, New York City will be your next living destination. Congratulations! All you have to do is find the house of your dreams in NYC. But here, between the choice of neighborhoods, type of property, meanders and specificity of the real estate system of Big Apple, the best solution to not be lost is to use a real estate agent. Yes, but who, when and how?

Who is who ?

There are indeed several names relating to a real estate agent that do not designate the same person:

  • A Real Estate Agent is a licensed professional who can be either a Sales Associate or a Broker.
  • The real estate agent can be either a “listing agent” or a “buyer agent” (in this case, it represents buyers).
  • A realtor is a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors®.

Now you know.

How to choose the right real estate agent in the United States?

Surely because the variety of properties in the New York real estate market is huge, there are numerous NYC real estate agencies. Beware, not all are equal. Experience and knowledge of the market, confidentiality, availability and reliability are some of the essential qualities that must be possessed by the real estate agent you choose.

Thus, a real estate agent worthy of the name must help you effectively:

  • In the purchase of a real estate: understanding your needs perfectly (proximity to all conveniences and amenities or, on the contrary, in peace or close to schools for your settling family, etc …), and knowing on the New York real estate market like the back of their hand, the types of properties, the sale prices of similar properties … In a very dynamic and competitive market like NYC, you have to be extremely reactive because everything is first come first serve. Betting on a knowledgeable and experienced professional, who knows the procedure of buying real estate, is a 100% return guarantee.
  • In the sale of real estate: putting your property for sale “at the right price” is not necessarily obvious. Here again, the use of an experienced and serious real estate agent is essential because only they know the market price and prices of similar goods recently sold. A successful real estate transaction is a transaction made quickly at a price acceptable to the buyer and profitable to the seller. Selling a property at too high a price is simply a waste of time and money, if you need to sell.

But that’s not all, your choice of a real estate agent should focus on the one who works in a reputable real estate agency or group, which has a network of potential customers. BARNES is today the international leader in high-end residential real estate and has a portfolio of clients all over the world. BARNES experts go well beyond the search for real estate and offer a global service to each of their customers.

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