The Owner Representation (Property Management)

Are you the owner of one or several tenements for rental and you want to be sure to have a regular and optimized rental income. When you entrust to BARNES the management of your rental property, you no longer have to worry.

BARNES real estate consultants are rental and property management experts in New York. Our counselors are experienced with a true knowledge of the local real estate market and a comprehensive expertise to perform all property management tasks and assist you with every technical, legal, and tax requirements related to your assets.

Why you should entrust BARNES to manage your assets?

1. Your property will benefit from our expertise to rent at the best price

We will estimate the rental value of your property, based on a central file that lists the prices of properties recently leased and available on the market.

2. Your property will benefit from a comprehensive marketing plan for quick rental

We use the BARNES client database that allows us to advertise your property to an international customer base. We display your property in a variety of media for a fast rental at the best price. Without delay, we carefully study tenant applications to rent in the best conditions.

3. You are free of all administrative and legal constraints

Our American lawyers prepare for you a secured lease in compliance with the latest local regulatory and legal developments. We collect rents, charges, and deposits. We pay the charges and taxes. We help you to chose professionals for any technical, legal and tax requirement concerning your property (relations with administrations, government agencies, insurance companies,…). We report you clearly and precisely on our management.

Our Services

Rental Package

  • Accounts opening (electricity, water, internet, phone, cable)
  • Tenant profile and history checking.
  • Collection of rents, payment tracking and application of penalties in case of delays
  • Inventory, in/out
  • Troubleshooting and repair organization (leaks, air conditioning, electrical appliances,…)

Administrative Package

  • Payment: invoices, condominium costs, loan, property tax, insurance,…
  • Obtaining quotes and subscribing to a home insurance
  • Quarterly accounts shipping.
  • Availability and efficiency of the application process.

Our Team is also at your service for specifics needs

Customized service

  • U.S. tax return follow-up together with an accountant
  • Any request and additional travel will be charged per hour (moving in and moving out follow-up, furniture storage, furniture purchase and delivery, various work supervision)
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