How can New York real estate agents be helpful in guiding you through the real estate market?

By: Annie Newman

New York City is one of the largest and most populated cities in the United States and consists of a thriving and growing real estate market. Some people who are looking to buy or rent properties in and around the city choose to inquire about its available listings online or through visiting the different areas. Others prefer to use a real estate agent to guide them in the process of investing in this great city.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the real estate agents in New York?

Anyone who has explored the New York real estate market is aware that the prices of properties in the Big Apple are higher than many cities across the nation due to the popularity and economic power of the city. Due to the large territory that New York covers, one can find a tremendous variety of properties in Manhattan and the surrounding suburbs and boroughs who are quite large and diverse in lifestyle, architecture and landscapes. Even if a buyer is certain about the type of building or property that they are searching for, navigating the market without an agent can be quite challenging as there is truly a sea of choice. Also, due to the higher than average prices found across the city, buyers want to ensure that their investment is worthwhile and done properly.

Real estate agents are key to helping potential clients in searching for their dream house or investment in this glamorous and world renowned metropolis. They can guide you to investigate which areas match your ideal social, cultural or business setting and can present you with listings that are not always available online or well described on search sites. They can narrow down the possibilities for you and give you details about the residences and properties that would not necessarily be accessible or explained in the brief online descriptions. They are experts regarding the history of the different locations, prices, quality of the buildings, local construction laws, and true value of the properties. They can help you make the appropriate comparisons.

Many real estate agents can also connect you to the right mortgage specialists, home improvement or construction businesses. They can also be available to communicate with potential sellers and other real estate agents or property managers on your behalf and save you a lot of time by inquiring about your questions and concerns with those other parties directly. They can certainly be a great asset in planning and organizing your search for the perfect real estate investment in New York. Due to the high demand for housing and commercial properties in the City, some agents may offer better service than others. Some real estate brokers are very busy and some are more interested in those willing to invest greater funds for more major transactions, but with the right patience, buyers can do their research to find the best real estate agents in the city for their needs and goals. Some brokers around the city are more motivated than others by commissions but the top real estate agents are those who truly care about their client’s needs. People who are looking to buy or rent don’t want to be pressured into signing a contract on any property that is pushed specifically by an agent, they want to find the home that matches their needs and budget and want to have all the true information about the quality and pricing of their investment. That is why it is important to search for the right real estate broker that will represent you and have your full interest in mind. When you find the appropriate real estate agent for you, they can help you with gathering the proper documentations for your investment, answer your questions, put you in touch with lenders, home inspectors, lawyers and all the parties involved from the beginning of your search to the finalization of your transaction. Sometimes, the process can take a longer time and can require more attention or communications, and this is why it is crucial to choose the brokers with the best organizational and collaborative skills to be there for you along the different steps to complete your acquisitions.

BARNES New York and its influence in the luxury real estate market

BARNES New York is proud to excel in its service in the New York luxury real estate market and has a great team of experts available for consultations regarding all your real estate goals. We offer some of the most sought after properties in and around the City, from high end apartments and condos to luxury homes, townhouses and penthouses. Our team is familiar with the real estate market in this wondrous city and has access to an international network of experts in local and foreign investments and property management. Our exclusive properties, whether available to buy or rent, are presented to you with the highest degree of professionalism and we take pleasure in your satisfaction and long term success. For more than a decade, BARNES New York has helped its international and local clientele in their real estate acquisitions in the City. From our real estate agents and brokers to our managing partners, real estate consultants, and business associates, we are all committed to give you the best experience in planning, buying or renting the right property for you. We look forward to working with you on all your real estate goals and projects.

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