Buying an apartment in Greenwich, “The Village” of Manhattan:


It may be because of its narrow wooded streets or because of the arc that stands in the middle of Washington Square Park in the same way as its Parisian counterpart, that you believe yourself to be in Europe, taking a stroll. However, you really are in Greenwich Village, the historical neighborhood of New York City, the cradle of the counterculture movement of the 60s. Mark Twain, Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan and also Edith Wharton or even Eugene O’Neill have left their traces here and in this eclectic mix of genres and personalities, a cultural, artistic, and architectural richness emerges, unique within its field. Buying an apartment in “The Village”, is a deliberate choice, a state of mind.

The Treasures of Greenwich real estate

You will not find it anywhere else: Greenwich Village possesses an exceptional variety of housing types. Pre-war homes with incredible charm, luxurious lofts with doormen, tiny studios for the many NYU students, apartments of all sizes fully renovated in the famous brownstones, the red brick houses that gives a crazy character to this district. Even the most difficult and the most demanding will be satisfied with the many contemporary constructions, nestled behind pretty gardens and perfectly-cut trees. Everyone finds their home in the Village. Purchasing a property and specifically a property in Greenwich is always a great idea and we show you why.

A dynamic real estate market

Greenwich Village is on the rise, but that’s nothing new. The purchase of a condo is a wise choice for those who prefer an urban lifestyle, all the while appreciating a green setting and proximity to beautiful parks. The number of apartment purchases are steadily increasing and the average amount of transaction type is less than 1 million dollars. However, we do find more expensive, much more expensive, if one needs a space in a splendid loft, or if your extensive family wants to live comfortably and in peace in a luxurious condominium. While real estate prices continue to climb, we can still find bargains, especially with the help of a real estate agency that is well established and who works with trusted professionals and experts in this area. Therefore, buying an apartment in this neighborhood is a safe investment, a stable investment with which you can sleep soundly.

The Village, a neighborhood with countless assets

A young neighborhood, in harmony with its past

With more than 1,000 buildings preserved from the pre-war period, Greenwich Village is a district that has kept all its charm. Moreover, each exterior modification on the 4300 buildings of the Village must be submitted for approval from the Commission for the Preservation of Monuments of the City. Yet the district is young and dynamic, the proof in the presence of two famous universities: New York University and The New School. In total there are more than 60 000 students who populate the Village, live in the pretty studios and enliven the streets of this district.

A connected village, centralized … but so peaceful

The beauty of The Village is in the endless presence of vegetation, which brighten up the impeccable streets and provides shade to the delight of the wandering pedestrian. Another appealing feature of Greenwich Village is its proximity to other vibrant areas like Soho, West Village and Chelsea

In addition, it is extremely well served by the metro, with all lines from A to M, to explore the four corners of the Big Apple. No doubt, you will be at the heart of activity!

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