Buying high-end real estate in Turtle Bay


If you’re imagining an idyllic enclave full of rare species near open water, you wouldn’t be completely wrong. Located on the shores of the East River in the center of Manhattan’s skyscrapers, the Turtle Bay neighborhood welcomes a cosmopolite crowd, those with high-purchasing power and those looking for a steal in New York City.

Unsuspecting gems on the market

If you’ve ever wandered through the 10 blocks between East 43rd Street and East 53rd Street, just steps from the water, you might have wondered: Where am I? This can’t be Manhattan. Turtle Bay is a human-scale residential neighborhood, set in the heart of the big city, with some of the most luxurious and affordable real estate in New York.

This intimate neighborhood is a warm and welcoming change of scenery, with a mix of architectural heritage, dressed in both old and new materials: brownstone, limestone, red-brick, terra-cotta, granite, steel, and glass. This surprising melange paints the immaculately-maintained streets of Turtle Bay, keeping buyers on their toes.

Under the expert guidance of the BARNES New York real estate agency, buyers in search of their hidden gem can discover exceptional riverfront properties: renovated buildings built in the 19th and 20th century, as well as colossal new residential developments designed by famous architects (some with 30+ floors!), harboring luxury townhouses with green backyards and high-end apartments with high ceilings in Turtle Bay.

For many, owning property in Manhattan is the ultimate dream, and no matter the profile, it’s not out of reach. Good news! This wide range of properties is offered at a variety of price points.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact a BARNES New York real estate consultant.

Who lives there?

Like many New York neighborhoods, Turtle Bay has a reputation for its celebrity co-ops, housing industry elites, such as the actress Katharine Hepburn, the published politician Henry Kissinger, the acclaimed composer Stephen Sondheim, even the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, among others.

But that’s not all. Those who prefer to keep a lower profile, commuting just a few blocks to the offices in the ultra-sleek Midtown East district or to the United Nations headquarters on the waterfront. Its strategic position attracts affluent businessmen and women, as well as international diplomats to buy a high-end property in Turtle Bay. The neighborhood has adjusted appropriately to these privileged newcomers.

International shores in the heart of Manhattan

Over the years, Turtle Bay has managed to keep its authenticity and strong character despite the rise of residential and commercial developments. You can thank its very active neighborhood association, the Turtle Bay Association, and the presence of an international monument, the UN.

The Turtle Bay neighborhood comes alive with its open-borders mentality, encouraging residents to engage with the outside world: language classes at the Instituto Cervantes, Asian art at the Japan Society, and some Scanavian flair at the Norwegian Seamen’s Chruch.

Living in Turtle Bay, a small town in the heart of a major metropolis, will give you access to neighborhood institutes, like the Ideal Cheese Shop, an artisanal shop that has specialized in European cheeses for 63 years, and counting. You’ll also find a number of antique shops and grocery shops, in addition to trendy restaurants like The Smith and La Pecora Bianca.

Buying property in Turtle Bay will offer you an incredible high-quality of life, with green spaces as Peter Detmold Park and Greenacre Park, courtyards and gardens with beautiful sculptures and exotic plants.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can really have all, in Turtle Bay, Manhattan.

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