Neighborhoods north of New York, where the French live


The French and Francophone population of New York has always had a soft spot for the north of the region. Perhaps thanks to the less stressful and better quality of life, to the exorbitant prices of housing in Manhattan, or to the international schools in the region. Be that as it may, tens of thousands have invested themselves in the corners of New Rochelle, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye. You can tell us which one you prefer after the visit.

Westchester County, a neighborhood with a bright future

We know that the prices of the 5 neighborhoods of New York City reach very high peaks so one option – or an obligation rather – is to consider the surrounding areas in greener areas but a little further from the city center. Moreover, there is a clear increase in real estate sales in neighboring counties, Westchester for example. Indeed, in the third quarter of 2017, sales increased by 59% in this area and the average house for sale in Westchester spent only 10 days on average in the market. In addition, New Yorkers represent half of those arriving in the county … and a large number of French are certainly part of the other.

In this county, several cities are on the rise.

New Rochelle for example, quite urban but with beautiful parks, welcomes a well-off population, young (average age of 37), often liberal professions who likes to enjoy the many shops and ethnic restaurants and gourmets.

The village of Larchmont, right next to it, invites one to a quiet life, at the edge of the water, and with numerous and green parks, like Manor or Flint Park. It is not by chance that the village was originally a beloved New York vacation destination.

Rye also attracts New York families or expatriates who want to be close to Manhattan without experiencing the inconvenience everyday. With a population of 16,000, the city offers an excellent compromise in terms of quality of life and dynamism.

Why the French live in neighborhoods north of New York City

The village of Larchmont, located in the city of Mamaroneck, has a Franco-American school, known to many Europeans. The real estate is very varied with pretty houses with gardens, more classic co-ops or condos. Most Larchmont homes are priced at or above $ 1 million. Other older properties, such as ranches and colonial homes, are worth about half a million dollars. In general, real estate costs about the same as homes in Upper Westchester or Putnam. Larchmont is home to a wealthy population and has a large number of long-time residents, so much the area is nice and quiet, just 35 minutes by train from NYC.

Rye is in the same genre, with a mix of dynamism and tranquility characteristic of small towns bordering New York City. Rye is located near the sea and Oakland Beach, which offers many family activities on sunny days. Outdoors, the Rye Nature Center invites for beautiful hikes and The Edith Read Wildlife Sanctuary offers acres to admire dozens of bird species.

Mamaroneck remains more affordable in terms of housing even though the city is proud of its splendid houses at the edge of the water. With 4 primary schools and a secondary school, families can provide full schooling for their children. Mamaroneck has its own cinema, newly renovated library, the Emelin Theater, the beach, an ice rink, a large number of restaurants and shops, Hampshire Golf Club, and of course, the harbor and yacht clubs. Finally, if you were told that all this is 40 minutes from NYC’s Grand Central Station, what would you say? That you are booking your appointment to visit now.

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