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New York concrete is precious, it’s no secret. So when you have Manhattan at your feet and your head in the clouds because you just bought an apartment with a view, it is the ultimate, the holy grail. The city is full of tall buildings and rooftop terraces that promise magical views of the NYC skyline. Where can you find a property with a view in Manhattan and what views can you have? Let us take you to great heights.

What can you buy with a view in Manhattan?

More than any other city, Manhattan is built vertically. The city has until recently, held the record for the tallest buildings in the world and has an impressive number of trendy rooftops where you can go for a drink alone with the Empire State Building or the illuminated skyline.

But if you want a private roof terrace or a view all your own, Manhattan has something to satisfy you, whether it be with a loft in Tribeca offering a magical view of Lower Manhattan, or a beautiful apartment between the skyscrapers of Midtown or Union Square, renovated duplex in the heart of Greenwich Village, or the end of it, a penthouse on the Upper East Side. More reasonably, the shared rooftop (collective), which allows you to take in the air and admire the New York view with a lower budget – with the same view. Maintaining this common outdoor space is part of the maintenance costs for apartment owners. Fees can reach $1,500 per month for some Manhattan apartments.

In addition, you can have the view from bay windows of course, but also thanks to balconies and terraces, more common in new constructions than old buildings.

For example, the superb One Beacon Court – located at 151 East 58th Street – has apartments with huge floor-to-ceiling windows that plunge into the greenery of Central Park. And if you need more, climb on the pretty rooftop of the building, for exceptional panoramas.

Located at 415 Main Street on Roosevelt Island, the prime location of the Riverwalk Court also guarantees some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline, the East River and the Queensboro Bridge.

For what price?

Having a garden or terrace at the top of a building is a privilege that is dear to Manhattan if you are ready to pay the price: you can then have a rooftop with grass, trees, gardens, atriums and even a swimming pool or jacuzzi … Only the New York skyline is the limit.

The good news is that the cost per square foot for outdoor space is generally less than the cost for indoor space. Typically: a square foot of outdoor space is about a quarter to half the cost of a square foot of interior space in an apartment. Phew!

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