BARNES Study: Paris Luxury Market Report 2022

BARNES just published its new study on Paris luxury real estate market report for 2022. You’ll find data on the high-end sales now taking place in all 20 arrondissements of the French capital, showing a preference for foreign buyers for premium locations, and a continued enthusiasm for pieds-à-terre.

2022 was the year of change, showing a new vision of Paris and big cities worldwide. People are moving away from cars and prefer a cleaner public transportation system, realizing it’s possible to cross Paris by bus, metro or bike in 20 minutes. People are also looking for more authenticity and simplicity in their everyday lives, and want to achieve something closer to a “village life”.

“What we’re seeing, both for a French and international clientèle, is a new way of approaching property acquisitions in Paris.” Richard Tzipine, Managing Partner of BARNES.

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