Profil Sohaim KHAN

Sohaim offers a decisive work style driven by cooperation with anyone willing to close the deal and get the transaction done in the shortest possible time.

Sohaim KHAN

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Spoken languages:
  • Urdu
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Hindi

Real Estate in New York City is a challenging business that I navigated by acquiring experience under tens of seasoned New York City real estate agents and numerous sales directors. Since 2016, I have worked in Halstead, Brown Harris Stevens and Serhant as an Agent Assistant. My work experience specializes in executing board packages, building information and my professional relationship with seasoned real estate agents in almost all of the top tier real estate companies in New York City.

I have a decisive work style driven by cooperation with anyone willing to close the deal to get the transaction done in the shortest possible time. I regularly update my knowledge on the New York City real estate market, marketing and industrial trends via a network of professional relationships I have developed in banking, marketing and real estate sales.

If you are a real estate buyer, my priority is to understand your needs first and probe to get to the heart of the matter. Once I have a complete picture of your situation I then move to the next steps. It may be slow in the beginning but a smooth and stable working relationship based on trust and understanding in the end.

If you are a seller of real estate, I understand the importance of this financial decision. I want to help you execute your vision with precise information. This includes helping you understand the existing real estate market trends and your competition to reach a price that will help you achieve your selling goal.

I am a patient listener and analytical problem solver. I believe in acquiring the trust of my clients prior to any transaction. To date, I have lived in Pakistan, Canada and the United States, and bring with me an international understanding to a global city like New York. This international living has also helped me develop global client connections. I speak Urdu, English, Spanish and Hindi fluently. I have a working knowledge of French and have been learning to read, write and speak Japanese since 2020.

If you want to discuss your real estate goals I would gladly give you my time to share my knowledge and analysis about your real estate goals. I look forward to working with you.

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