Focus on the Hamptons, the favorite destination of New Yorkers

It’s officially summer season for the Hamptons, an area northeast of Long Island, New York, a short drive from Manhattan. It’s New Yorkers’ favorite place to escape the chaos of the “Big Apple” and relax in the sun, or party in the hippest spots of Southampton and Montauk …

The Hamptons have been very popular for years. Its villages provide an ideal mix for New Yorkers during the summer: oceanfront, rural atmosphere, historic and exclusive charm, all within a convenient distance from New York. Indeed, from Manhattan, it is easy to get there by train, car, bus, or even helicopter. If the people and the local atmosphere are reminiscent of New York City, the area is much more laid back and pleasant for the summer.

Many famous people own vacation homes there, and the absence of paparazzi and privacy make the place conducive to lounging and relaxation. For others, the Hamptons are characterized by world-class beaches, renowned restaurants, and a very lively atmosphere …


Visitors generally start arriving at the Hamptons from Memorial Day (May); but the real high season is from July to Labor Day (early September). This is where the “social scene” is at its peak, with various festivals and events … You can also spend a weekend in the Hamptons in the off-season (September – October), when the villages are less crowded and the weather remains mild.


The easiest way from New York is to drive. This is a 2-3 hour drive from Midtown to East Hampton Village, depending on traffic. Many visitors also get there by bus, via the famous “Hampton Jitney” or the “Hampton Luxury Liner” which stops in major hamlets and villages.

Another option is to take the LIRR “Long Island Rail Road” train. Local trains can take up to 3 hours to get to Montauk from Penn Station. There is, however, an express train serving the Hamptons every Friday afternoon in the summer.

The quickest option is to get there by helicopter from Manhattan, avoiding traffic jams and reaching the Hamptons in less than half an hour; finally, for those who can afford it …


Vacation Rentals: The best way to spend summer in the Hamptons is to spend a weekend, a month, or all of the summer in a house or apartment. August is the most expensive time to book; it’s rare to find even a modest rental for less than $ 7,000 per month, and prices for more luxurious homes even hit six figures!

Hotels: The Hamptons remain limited in terms of hotels. Montauk is the place with the most choice for finding rooms and a variety of options.

Camping: It is also possible to pitch a tent in Montauk’s Hither Hills from $ 35 per day (if you book early). Campground therefore remains the most affordable option to spend the summer in the Hamptons …

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