BARNES New developments

Since 2009, BARNES New York has been working closely with its clients at every stage of their project, whether it is for a main residence, a pied-à-terre, or a rental investment. Over the years, BARNES New York has developed close relationships with numerous developers, and thus benefits from a unique expertise and comparable advantage when it comes to acquisitions/sales from plans, more commonly known as new developments in the United States. To benefit from BARNES New York’s support in your new development investment project is to ensure a privileged gateway to developers, and thus benefit from maximum negotiation on the purchase price and operating costs over time, as well as optimal coordination in terms of contractualization and delivery.

This support includes the analysis of your project, adapted commercial proposals thanks to a perfect knowledge of the New York real estate market, in a multi-program and multi-neighborhood perspective, keeping in mind the necessary combination of the needs of rental profitability and appreciation or added value in the long term. Our selective recommendation of new developments, but also of apartments (units) within these projects on plans, as well as personalized coordination and assistance in the legal, fiscal and financial fields, through our expert partners, guarantee you a success for your investment.
Buying new in New York offers many advantages:

  • In general, and thus valid for all new developments, you will benefit from a stronger attractiveness in terms of rental and/or resale potential. In a city with a large stock of old buildings, both in terms of the buildings and the interior conditions and decorations, it is all the more relevant to invest in new buildings, already in line with current tastes, and even ahead of design trends;
  • As construction standards are constantly evolving, you will also benefit from the best materials, allowing for optimal energy efficiency, and thus substantial savings;
  • In addition, a new product will ensure you the quasi absence of expenses of renovation over the first years, as well on the level of the apartment (personal charges) as on the level of the building and its necessary recurring reductions (common charges);
  • In the case of acquisitions well in advance of scheduled delivery, you will mechanically benefit from a purchase price freeze, in a local context where the general appreciation of the real estate market is historically strong. In other words, you buy tomorrow at today’s prices;
  • Finally, depending on the project, you may be able to take advantage of considerable discounts on the purchase price, transaction fees, and operating costs in the long run. Our negotiating skills are critical in this regard. Among others: property tax abatement over 15-20-25 years (program 421-A), absorption of co-ownership charges over 1-5-10 years (“live free”), cancellation of transfer taxes at the time of acquisition, …

Our local expertise is coupled and multiplied tenfold beyond New York thanks to the BARNES New Programs Department, which offers a selection of high-end construction programs located in sought-after cities around the world, such as New York City. Our teams of specialists have developed specific knowledge for these new residences that meet BARNES’ rigorous requirements: high architectural quality, prime locations, top-of-the-range facilities and amenities. The know-how of the developers, their financial capacities and the quality of their achievements are analyzed to meet the demanding criteria of Barnes.

Thanks to our expertise, our attentiveness and our network, we will help you take advantage of the best opportunities on the New York real estate market in the new construction sector, and thus optimize your investments in the short, medium and long term.

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